Online learning games for kids

With the pandemic still in place, parents have been facing a new kind of challenge for more than a year. How do we make sure that our kids are still learning effectively in the home environment? Our children attend online classes, but it is not enough to hold their attention, nor couldn’t easily recreate a classroom environment.

There are plenty of innovative online learning games for kids to practice their core skills, numbers, phonics, music, etc. Plus, they are having fun because these games are so interactive.

Our toddlers will soon go to school and they will have to interact in this online environment. How do we prepare them for kindergarten?

As parents, we can’t turn into a teacher overnight, so finding online learning games to keep them occupied, their brain stimulated, and their learning progressive are heaven-sent!

Online learning games for kids

Benefits of Online Learning Games for Kids

Online gaming is a form of entertainment, but with our guidance and support, it can help improve our children’s creativity and improve strategic thinking. At the same time, they can also play games with their friends, which can nurture their relationship and learn camaraderie.

Here are the benefits of online learning games for kids:

  • It is a great way to learn skills at a younger age

Some studies proved games to be helpful for younger children in improving their early reading skills. Games such as Endless Alphabet made for primary school children are a great tool to engage them while learning the alphabet and eventually read.

  • It enhances memory and concentration

Games can be immersive that require deep thinking to develop a strategy. This way, kids develop problem-solving skills to reach the targeted goal. Playing games regularly helps them focus, improve memory and practice the brain in processing the information faster.

  • It improves multitasking skills

At a certain age, kids can play more complicated games which call for attention and quick reactions that help them develop their multi-tasking skills.

  • It promotes teamwork

Online learning games also have social benefits. Group play allows children to take roles and play their part, promoting leadership skills. Through group play, our child can collaborate with other children, whom they can learn from.

  • It creates a fun and active environment

Playing games is hitting two birds in one stone. Kids are not only having fun; they are also learning along the way. When they fail in a particular task, they can always restart, play again and apply what they learned from previous experiences.

Top Picks for Online Learning Games for kids

There are many online learning games available, but which ones are the best? Here are our top picks for toddlers and preschoolers, which we tried and tested ourselves:

#1 Boris, The Magician

This game is perfect for toddlers. All your child needs to do is click to keep the show going. Every click shows Boris doing the next trick, so this game is a way for your child to get the hang of it. At this stage, they learn the concept of cause and effect.

#2 Counting Pizza Party

It is a great game to learn how to count for toddlers. In the game, kids can make their pizza while working on their counting skills when deciding what type of pizza they want to make. It will be followed by selecting toppings and serving the customers with specific requests.

#3 Owlie Boo

It exposes your child to different games where they can learn colors, shapes, and numbers. It is stimulating without the need to be competitive. Your child will never lose a game too!

#4. CBeebies

This game will prepare your child for pre-school. It features impressive games, songs they can sing along to, and educational clips that will help build your child’s cognitive skills. We also love their website looks neat with cute illustrations your toddler will surely enjoy.

#5. Starfall

This is one of my favorites because it doesn’t have any advertising and has been around since 2002. It has games for kindergarten and grades 1 – 3 covering all kinds of subjects that cover reading, writing, math, music, and seasonal.

#6. Disney Coloring World

It is a coloring app that teaches your children how to color within the lines. Many parents love it because it features their child’s favorite Disney characters, making the experience more engaging.

#7. Knee Bouncers

This game is for kids who love music. If your child loves to since and dance, then Knee Bounce is the perfect game for them as it features catchy and memorable songs. These songs can help memorize colors, numbers, musical instruments while learning to play a matching game or cupcake catch.

#8. Sesame Street

This game has been here for ages, and this generation is lucky to have the internet where they access these characters and games whenever they want to. Their site features hundreds of video clips and games such as Dress Up time, Rhyme Time, and Monster Music. With colorful and funny characters, your toddler will never get bored of it.

What do you think of the above online learning games for kids? Have you tried them? Do you have something to add? Which one’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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