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Good parenting advice is not one size fits all. Every child is unique and poses …

Good Parenting Advice

Good parenting advice is not one size fits all. Every child is unique and poses different behaviors and characteristic. Your way of teaching and couching may not work for others. But, one thing is for sure. As long as we stick to 5 principles of basic parenting skills, we are absolutely on the right path.

For new parents out there who are struggling with how to teach your children well, this is the article for you. I am going to share what i learned and practiced.

Good Parenting Advice

I am not a specialist in child education and a perfect mother. I am just sharing some useful information which i think is important for all the parents to read and understand. My child is just like other playful kids. Sometimes, it is just too easy to say than done. I am sure most of you aware of these 5 principles, but how many of you are able to do it? Let’s look at these 5 principles of parenting skills, one by one.

good parenting advice

5 principles

Set rules and limits

Children need us to guide them to the right path. Can we not set rules and limits? Can we say YES all the time to our children? The answer is no. We have to create a good balanced rules and limits for our children to abide. It is to help them to adapt to the real world when they grow up. They will face difficulties to abide rules if we allow them to have too much freedom to do whatever they wish.

If we set too strict rules for them to follow, micro managing their life since childhood is another extreme. It is never a good idea to control them until they are too dependent on rules and get tired for being supervised.

I forbid my child from eating junk food. But i still allow her to have some treat when she is upset or as a reward for a good job done. Always come with a condition, example she must have her healthy meal before she can have the treat. There has to be give and take on both sides.

Setting rules and be consistent with it. Your authority is based on wisdom and not power, your child will unlikely to challenge it.

Be Involved in your child’s life

Being involved in our child’s life is never easy. It requires times and effort to attend to our child’s need and attention. Your child need our attention and assurance for them to thrive and grow well.

Connection with your child physically and mentally are important for their growth. If you may not be able to present physically due to work and other commitment, there are no reasons for not been able to connect with your child nowadays with digital devices. Communication is the best way to keep connecting with your child if you can’t be there physically close to them.

This part can be particularly missed out by most both working parents. In Asian culture, parents do not express their love openly and children can’t feel it without parental involvement. Communication is the best way to stay connected on both sides if we are not be able to be physically close to them. Nowadays it is easy to connect with anyone as long as you have a digital device and an internet connection.

Your child is growing fast, spend some good times together every day.

Good Parenting Advice

Be your child role’s model

Before your child start going to school, parents or caregivers are their home teachers. I think you are aware that your child will start to mimic your action since very young. Your action will be observed and stored in your child’s memory “database” as long as they can remember. Young kid is just like a piece of white paper, you may want to start scribble it with good deeds. How?

If you want your child to speak and act with kindness, start from ourselves. If you want your kids to learn good practices, you will become the leader to set good example.

Kids deserved to be treated with respect too

Children also have feeling and own opinion. Spend some times talking and listening to your children, when they share something about their daily school activities, about their friends and teachers. Be involved in their school life. If we are able to do that, at least listen intently to them is another kind of respect.

What happen is, children will eventually lose interest in communicating with their parents if they were not treated with respect too.

No spanking and hitting

Some Asian parents still use spanking and hitting as a form of punishment. Nowadays, hitting can be perceived as abuse in many parts of the world and no longer permitted. There is a difference between venting out our anger on a child and mindful disciplining. So, parents ! Think twice before you do that.

Child experts believe that hitting as a form of punishment during their childhood year will result in a child more prone to fighting and showing aggression to others.

Children may not aware that their actions and behavior are acceptable or unacceptable. A stern warning such as ” NO,YOU CANT DO THAT” just not going to work but we have to find a quiet room and explain to them why their action is not acceptable and what will be the consequences.

Make them understand and realize their action will cause harm on themselves and others, they will never repeat the certain offence.


How many of you have done these 5 principles of basic parenting? Do you have anything to add on top of these 5 principles? Tell us in the comment box below.

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2 thoughts on “Good Parenting Advice”

  1. I will take your first phrase, every child is unique and poses different behaviors.

    I am a patron of good parenting and I also read many books. Though a working Mom outside the office, I took time of guiding and mentoring my children. My husband has been reaching through phone and go home as permitted, reaching mentoring them. He has been a model while at home or in distant. Teaching them to be the best person that they can be while aligning them to a sense of independency so they can face any situation they encounter courageously and with wisdom when they grow up.

    In my experience, they will listen to a certain point. Childhood is the best time. But time will come that the unique behavior will manifest more. Their choices and decisions may be entirely different from yours. On some, you will see greater risk of not achieving their goals. I definitely agree with good parenting principles. We are guiding them in the way they should go by good parenting advice. Good parental advice will lessen the risk of them exploring and experimenting out of their curiosity.

    The quote, “A Mother is Always A Mother”  will typically apply. Guidance will always be there even when you are old; and they will still seek it as the need arise.

  2. Hi there

    I enjoyed reading your parenting advice blog where you include 5 simple principles.

    I agree with them all and think they are very practical and I wish all parents would read this.

    I have three children and used similar and my children are awesome!

    Children like to have rules and limits as it makes them feel safe. 

    Being connected and taking time to be with your children is time consuming but very rewarding.

    Acting as a role model by actions and not just telling them what to do.

    Rather than spanking I gave them some time out and when they got older removed privileges such as their cell phone or TV.

    Well done

    best wishes



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