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What is early childhood education about? We must say it is an early opportunity for …

What is early childhood education about?

What is early childhood education about? We must say it is an early opportunity for our kids to start learning and discover new things.

Some of us back in 20-30 years ago, we did not have the chance to attend preschool or kindergarten during early childhood years but we still did fine. Things were much simpler 20-30 years ago and there were no such facility and opportunity available.

What is early childhood education about?

As the time evolve, the rise in technology has changed our prospective in education needs. Today, education and learning take place as early as possible to ensure our young generation are able to cope with the challenges that the modern education brings.

Parent’s role

Childhood years is the best time of playing, learning and growing. Children less than 5 years old are able to learn much faster and easier, practically anything at all.

Make full use of these time frame (0-5 years) when the learning is much easier will bring better outcome before they enter the school world.

As the role of parents today is to provide the opportunity for the young kids to have enough exposure and learning at very young age ( between the age of 0-5 years old). It is either to teach your little ones at home or enroll them to the enrichment centers or classes. Either way, it is a proactive approach towards enriching their growing little minds.

What is early childhood education about?

Early childhood education classes provided by the modern playschools and enrichment centers are designed by professional educators from basic skills learning to higher level thinking for children.

These establishments have the intention to help our children to play and at the same time, learn the basic skills within their fun and interactive classes.

What is early childhood education about?

There are two main categories in the early childhood education.

  • Academic
  • Extracurricular

Academic type of classes

Reading and writing

Modern education brings you the path for further learning by helping our child in letter recognition, decoding, and grammar skills through educational and fun activities.

What is early childhood education about?

Good foundations in this area are crucial as they need to learn how to read and write sooner or later.


Kids like to explore new things and they are very curious about almost anything in the real world. Science class is to let the kids to uncover their curiosity, by carrying out hand-on experiments, make predictions and conclusion.

Science classes or programs offer exposure to various science fields suitable for their age and at the same time, have fun in learning new things.


Young children will have to learn how to count and use mathematics in life. Math classes provide the foundation for the kids to learn about numbers and make counting an exciting activities so that kids enjoy and have fun learning.

What is early childhood education about?

Extracurricular type classes

Art & Craft

This is the type of classes for our young kids to explore their artistic styles and be creative!

This is a great activity for children to make use of colors like crayons, water colors, poster colors and color pencils to create their own masterpieces.

What is early childhood education about?

Art and making craft work can help in developing their fine motor skills which are the fundamental to their learning journey.


Learn to sing songs and dance according to the musics can be exciting too. Children love to move their bodies, they can learn to keep up with the different music tempos and control their body movements and stay active at the same time.

Dancing is also a fun way for children to develop critical physical, psychological and physiological skills. Dancing is also a way of exercise which will help in their cognition development skill in long run.

Musics classes will help children to develop interest and become part of their hobbies, to help release stress and anxiety too.

Singing is a way to help children in learning languages. Children may not be able to talk in full sentences but they can sing a song! A good foundation to develop speaking and language learning skills.


Children loves to discover different type of food making and get acquainted by food preparation methods. Cooking classes offer a platform to let the children to explore and learn to make use of their motor skills to do simple mixing, mashing, and stirring.


Language and speech learning may affect the way your child interacts with others, and it will continue throughout their life.

Able to speak in the chosen language is able to build personal confidence and ability to communicate with others can build their social interactive skills.

Continue play and live an active life

Preschools also provide facilities to play and have physical activities to help your child to stay active. Play not only provides motor skills development and sensory stimulation, it also encourages healthy habits and positive attitude towards exercise.

Learn about activities to promote kids’ cognitive development.

A good enrichment centers or preschools should combine both learning and playing in a safe environment to cater for different stages of development for the child’s growth.

What is early childhood education about?

Healthy food

Children are having rapid growth in their early childhood years. Good healthy balanced diet (balanced with carbohydrates, protein, brain boosting food, calcium (strong bone and teeth) and other vitamins) are essential for their growth and development.

A well designed menu can also help to improve the little ones with memory and concentration during learning.

Assess to Babies best food for brain health.

A good healthy eating habits set foundation of eating balance diet. Playschool will provide balanced healthy meals and reinforce the green and fresh fruits. Early preference or habits form in the preschool can result in improved lifelong outcome in health.

What is early childhood education about?


Choose a right playschool for your little one as not every playschool provides the type of classes your kids enjoy. Be careful not to overwhelm them with too many classes as they may get stressed too.

Look for the above activities or classes that allow your children to develop their basic skills and later you may incorporate multiple learning skills in future when the time is right.

Share your experience about sending your child to early childhood education in the comment box below.

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