Fun Games for Kids to Learn English

English is the second language for most kids in Asia. It is usually taught after they learned the local language. Teaching English to your children comes in many interesting ways, which you can start at home. Fun games for kids to learn English is one of the effective ways.

The Benefits of Teaching Kids English Using Fun Games

We want our children to be at least bilingual as it brings many benefits to their educational and social development. When our children hear two languages, they can pick up the language and eventually understand and speak them too.

Once your child goes to school, your child can have an advantage in their English classes, one of the major subjects in school. Research shows that learning a second language can boost critical thinking, listening skills, and problem-solving skills. Having enhanced creativity and mental flexibility are also two other benefits of learning other languages while they are young. Children learn naturally when they are having fun – that’s where playing games comes in.

Fun Games for Kids to Learn English

There are many fun games to learn English, but here are our top five that you can easily do at home.


Pictionary is a word guessing game. This game is suitable for any age group, where kids can both be creative and learn a new vocabulary. You can either play this game one-on-one or with other children. All you need to do is prepare a bunch of words and put them in a bag.

Fun Games for Kids to Learn English
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If you’re playing one-on-one:

· Ask your child to choose a word from the bag.

· Your child will have to draw the word he got while you guess it.

· When it’s your turn, select a word on the bag and let him guess what you draw in return.

If you’re playing with two or more children:

· Ask each team to choose a word from the bag.

· The child needs to draw the word he got while the other team guesses what it is.

Matching the Card

With this game, you will need the following:

  • Pictures cut out from children’s books, or you can also get them from the internet. It can be a person, an animal, things, or places.
  • Words that describe each of the nouns. It can either be an adjective or a verb.
  • Shuffle the cards. Then, ask your child to place the word card into the corresponding noun.

Word Hunt

This is an easy game that can make use of your old magazines. You’ll need a cardboard sheet, old kid’s magazines, scissors, marker, and glue. Here’s how to play the game:

  • Divide the cardboard into two parts. On the left column, write all the letters of the alphabet vertically.
  • Next is to ask your child to look for words that start with the letter “A”, cut them down, and paste them into the corresponding letter. It can be up to 5 – 10 words for each letter.


This classic game can be played for 5 – 10 minutes and is perfect if you’re looking to pass the time. This is best to play when you have aboard.

Fun Games for Kids to Learn English
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  • Think of a word. For example: Apple.
  • Draw dashes onto the board that shows how many letters are there. So, apple has five letters; thus, you’ll need five dashes.
  • Ask your child to guess which letter should fill in the blanks. If they got the wrong letter, start drawing the image of a hanging man. If your child guesses the word correctly, he wins. Otherwise, you win.

Treasure Hunt

This is one of my favorite fun games for kids to learn English, and children love it because they know they are looking for a reward! You’ll only need pieces of clues and a well-hidden bag of goodies.

  • Start by giving them a piece of paper for their first hint.
  • Your child will guess the word from where the second clue can be found. For example, the first hint can be “where you sleep”. The answer is the bed. He will then need to look for the next clue on the bed. This will go on and on until he finds the treasure.

Other Ways to Teach English at Home

Aside from playing games with your kids, there are also other ways to teach them English. It can be through watching movies and cartoons in English. You may design the cartoons they can watch, and paired with your teaching, watching and hearing other people in the conversation can bring excellent results.

Another way is by reading English books for them. They can learn colors, shapes, countries, animals, etc. They can start by reading fairytales so their imagination can also take part. Once they get to a certain age, they can read books independently and learn new vocabulary. Starting them young in reading can encourage your child to become an avid reader, which is a great way to consume knowledge.

You can also teach the language through English songs. It is easier to learn English, especially with a tune playing along. You can also incorporate it with dancing.

Aside from playing fun games for kids to learn English, it is best to explore different learning ways so they don’t get tired or stagnant. No matter which method of the learning process you go through, consistency also plays an important role. Set a routine and practice every day so they will continue to improve their English-speaking skills. Good luck!

Share with us other fun games for kids to learn English that your children play. Drop us a comment in the comment box below. We love to share what is good to practice.

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  1. I would like to share with you a bunch of ideas on English learning games for children.
    1. Recognize the letters of the alphabet.
    2. Sort the alphabet in English.
    3. Explore the colors in English.
    4. Identify colors in English.
    5. Color memory.
    6. Counts and sorts by colors.
    7. Sort the days of the week.
    8. Sorts the months of the year.


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