Cesarean section recovery

Cesarean section is also known as C-section, has become very common option most women made as a mode of childbirth. In this article, I will be sharing the facts about cesarean section recovery and what you should know after cesarean section delivery to help your body to recover fast. C section is a major surgery. Therefore, extra care should be made to avoid any complication after delivery. If you are looking for this option, please read on.

Cesarean section recovery

Cesarean section

Cesarean section is a method of childbirth using surgery. Surgery is often necessary when there is a medical complication or during emergency cases when vaginal delivery is not possible. Sometimes, situation such as multiple birth (twin, triplets or more), mother with high blood pressure condition, breech birth ( a baby is born bottom instead of the head first) etc, cesarean section has to be performed to save both baby and mother’s life. I have included a link about cesarean procedure in details in the header if you want to understand it better. Nowadays, women can request to have cesarean section delivery without having any medical issues. It is quite common for women who want to schedule particular date for childbirth due to personnel reason such as a date of remembrance (resemblance to wedding date, birthday etc) and auspicious date for their baby. For women who wish to have cesarean section delivery, please read on to find out 5 steps to help fast recovery after postpartum.

Cesarean section recovery

Cesarean section recovery – 5 important steps

NO. 1 Rest

As cesarean section is a major surgery, you need to rest more as it take longer time for your body to heal. You can request to stay in the hospital 3-4 days (longer if you have complication after postpartum). You will be taken good care by the nurses until you are ready to be discharged. In some cases, If you are able to walk after 24 hours of delivery, you will be allowed to be discharged and rest at home. While you are at home, or at confinement center, you need to take as much as good rest during your confinement period (usually 28 – 40 days after postpartum). Find a good confinement center, where there are nurses to take good care of your child and provide you healthy meal for fast recovery. For those of you who rest at home, you need a confinement lady or house maid or your close relatives (example your mother or mother-in-law) to help with the baby and household chores. When you are breastfeeding your child, you are advised to sleep whenever your baby sleeps. At least, you will get some much-needed rest regularly. For the first few days, you need to lie down when possible, and walk a little when you feel better. Gentle walk can help with your blood circulation and prevent constipation and blood clots. Remember do not lift anything heavier than your baby, avoid climbing up and down the stairs as much as you can and keep things close to your vicinity so that you do not have to get up and down frequently. I know it is too ideal to say than done. Even a few minutes rest here and there throughout the day will help you get the rest needed for fast recovery and healing. You will have to allow your body up to 6 weeks to fully recover and heal.

NO.2 Eat well

Cesarean section recovery

Eating nutritious diet is part and parcel of fast recovery after postpartum. During confinement period, you will need nutritious food to booster your milk supply and to replenish whatever has lost during delivery. If you are breastfeeding your child, drink lots of liquid (can be in herbal chicken soup, date and wolf berry water) to booster your milk supply and avoid constipation. Try to also consume food which is anti inflammatory, for Cesarean section mother, it is good for the wound healing. Protein such as chicken and fish rich in omega 3 fatty acid with sufficient vitamin C ( broccoli, kale and berries) will help with the tissue repair.

NO.3 Personal hygiene

you undergo cesarean section delivery, it is important to take good care of your wound to avoid Inflammation and infection. Keep the wound dry and if you have stitches on the wound it will be dissolved on their own. Usually you do not need to apply any medication on the wound, just make sure the wound is dry all the time and avoid sitting in the bath during this period. If you experience redness and increased pain, please consult your doctor immediately. You will be also advised to wear high waistline underwear to avoid friction on the wound.

NO.4 Pain killer

Cesarean section recovery

After Cesarean section delivery, you will feel the pain for few days of postpartum. In order for you to be able to rest and breastfeed your child, it is advisable to take pain killer which is breastfeeding friendly. Normally your doctor will prescribe pain reliever depends on the level of your discomfort. Sometimes, avoid strain too much on the abdomen muscle when you carry baby or breastfeed your baby. You will experience longer healing period if you accidentally strain too much when you carry your baby up and down from the bed.

NO.5 Emotional health

Emotional health is equally important as physical health. Some women experience depression after childbirth due to many reasons. For the first few months, you will experience persistent sadness, anxiousness, lost of interest in certain things and issues, feeling hopelessness and guilt about herself and the baby. You need emotional support from your family members and friends especially your loved ones. Stop blaming her for not been able to take good care of the baby or breastfeed the baby and make her feel bad after childbirth. Consult specialized team in dealing with postnatal depression as it is sometimes may save someone from taking her own life.


Every women who has cesarean section delivery will have different cesarean section recovery rate and experience. It is important to implement 5 steps as mentioned in this article to help you recover soon after childbirth. I also include a link on previous article about postnatal care. Please read on if you are interested in this article. Drop me a message in the comment box below to share your experience about your cesarean section recovery. We would love to hear from you. Happy reading!

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