Best fertility supplements

What are the best fertility supplements you must have during your preconception period? I am writing this article to share with you at least 6 best fertility supplements you must take to increase your chances of getting pregnant. These 6 best fertility supplements are suitable for both women and men. Therefore, for those who are ready to be a parent, please read on.

I am writing this article based on research and there are scientific explanation of why these supplements are best for fertility. If you have queries about the supplements, consult your gynecologist or other health professional before you consume.


Food or supplements may not be the priority concern during your preconception period but certain supplements can be very useful to increase overall health and provide you all the nutrients you need for the best chance of conceiving.

One of the efficient way of getting pregnant, is good healthy body. Both women and men are healthy, the chances of conceiving is improved. That is the simple thing you can do to enhance your success in getting pregnant fast.

6 best fertility supplements

No.1: Folic acid

Best fertility supplements

This is a common supplement you need to prepare yourself for preconception care. It has been proven that deficiency in folic acid during pregnancy may cause fetal malformation such as Neural Tube Defects (NTDs). One of Neural Tube Defects (NTDs) is known as spina bifida. It is one of the most common birth defects related to the spine and brain. It can be prevented by taking folic acid in your daily diet.

It is recommended by US Center for Disease Control (CDC) that women for childbearing age need about 400mcg – 800mcg of folic acid a day at least one month before conception and continuing until first trimester of pregnancy. Taking folic acid in the early stage of conception can greatly reduce the risk of getting NTDs. Women usually do not realize they are pregnant in the early week of pregnancy and folic acid is crucial in formation of neural tube to prevent the malformation of fetus.

Folic acid is a form of vitamin B-9, and usually it does not exist naturally in food. Some food are fortified with folic acid such as in certain bread, rice, cereal and pasta.

In order to prevent deficiency in folic acid, take both supplement and folic acid fortified food. As folic acid is part of the B complex family and necessary to produce the genetic material DNA and RNA in egg as well as in sperm. Therefore, it is also advisable that men also include it in their daily diet. Together with vitamin B12, folic acid works to ensure the baby’s genetic codes are intact.

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No.2: Zinc

Zinc deficiency is proven will lead to impotence in men as men’s body need zinc to produce male hormone called testosterone. Zinc is found in high concentrations in sperms and is needed to make the outer layer and tail of the sperm. Deficiency may also cause the reduced sperm count. To avoid infertility, men is advised to take enough zinc in their daily diet.

Women need zinc to support normal growth and development of the child during pregnancy. Women usually take about 11-12mg of zinc a day during pregnancy. During the preconception period, zinc intake is important for men to avoid impotence. According to Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for zinc, 11mg a day for adult men to avoid deficiency.

Zinc can be obtained from supplement and food. Food such as oyster, red meat, poultry, wholegrain and milk product are also a good source of zinc. Supplements contain several forms of zinc, including zinc gluconate, zinc sulfate, and zinc acetate.

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No.3: Vitamin C

Best fertility supplements

In some studies, low vitamin C is associated with infertility in men. High vitamin c maintain the quality of sperm and deficiency of vitamin c can lead to sperm abnormality and causing male infertility. Smokers can be more susceptible to lower vitamin c, therefore, supplementing sufficient vitamin c will maintain the genetic intact in the sperm cell and avoid damage to the DNA.

Adult men need about 90mg of vitamin c per day. If you are a smoker, add another 35mg/day as recommended by National Institute of Health Office of Dietary Supplement.

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No.4: Beta carotene

Beta carotene is one of the powerful antioxidant which helps to protect egg and sperm DNA from attack of harmful free radicals which affecting the quality of sperm and egg. One of the study does support the fact that intake of beta carotene will increase fertility and shorter time to pregnancy.

Beta carotene is a vegetable precursor to vitamin A. You can find plenty of orange and yellow colored fruits and green leafy vegetable such as spinach, kale, sweet potatoes leaves are rich in beta carotene. Average recommended daily intake for beta carotene is 2-7mg.

You can find beta carotene in supplement form too. For smokers, consult your doctor before taking beta carotene supplement as high dose of beta carotene will increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers.

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No.5: Omega 3 Fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential fats and crucial for reproduction system and healthy hormone functioning. Omega 3 fatty acids are important for men as semen is rich in prostoglandins which are produced from these fats. Prostoglandins play a role in erection in men.

Men with low prostagladins level are associated with poor sperm quality, increase in sperm abnormality, low sperm count and poor motility which lead to infertility.

Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in our daily food intake. Fish such as salmon, halibut, sardines, trout, herring, and tuna are some examples of good source of omega 3 fatty acids.

If you are not taking fish in your everyday diet, you can take omega 3 fatty acids in supplement form too. Choose your supplement Omega 3 with DHA and EPA, those are the most useful type of fats. Average recommended dosage for adults are minimum 250 – 500mg per day.

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No.6: Selenium

Selenium is an antioxidant that protect your body from the harmful free radicals. For this reason, selenium is important to avoid chromosome breakage which is the part and parcel of birth defects and miscarriages.

Sufficient of selenium can maximize sperm formation. In some studies, low selenium level is related to low sperm count in men. Therefore, deficiency of selenium is associated with male infertility. According to Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for selenium, adult men need 55mg of selenium to avoid deficiency.

However, selenium can also be found in food. Seafood and organ meat are rich in selenium. Other source include bread, cereal, muscle meat, dairy product, egg, and other grain products are also a good source of selenium.

Selenium can be obtained in multivitamin supplement or stand-alone supplement too.

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Maintain good healthy body by eliminating nutritional deficiency can dramatically increase your chances of getting pregnant. These 6 best fertility supplements can help to stay healthy during your preconception period and increase fertility to enhance your success in getting pregnant fast.

Do you take any supplement while preparing for pregnant? Do share with us your experience in the comment box below.

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