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Most of the time when we talk about parenting, it will be associated with mother …

The role of the father in the family

Most of the time when we talk about parenting, it will be associated with mother and child. We tend to neglect the role of the father in the family. Father’s role is important too in the family. If you think your partner is not doing good enough, here is the article for you.

When I was growing up, the only definition of what a father does, as taught in school, is to be a provider of the family. As I got into relationships, got married, and have a child of my own, the role of a father slowly expanded. In the lives of their children, they are much more than being just the provider.

Of course, money is essential to provide for the family’s basic needs, especially nowadays that inflation is making hard more difficult. Because of the daily expenses, the mother, in most cases, needs to step up and also work to support the family.

Do you agree that the role of the father and mother have evolved over the years? The job to nurture and take care of the children is no longer the mother’s responsibility alone. I am sure you have seen the modern stereotype of how the fathers clumsily take care of the children. But not all can’t pull it off. Just that the media never portrayed them well.

the role of the father in the family

The role of the father in the family

A Father is a coach and a motivator

Kids can’t always motivate themselves. They’ll need someone who can push them to their fullest potential. There are different creative ways to motivate, but it’s best to see which works better for your child.

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person; he believed in me.”

Jim Valvano

A father’s role is to show leadership and to discipline if necessary

A father acts as the enforcer at home. Realistically, children listen and respond better once the father starts to speak. It must have something to do with their voice, but it’s true, whether we like it or not. Dads enforcing family rules and boundaries help mothers a lot. Remember that you have to walk the talk too. Be a good role model by leading through your words and example.

“Your child will follow your example, not your advice.”

A good father is the provider

Raising a child is not cheap, so it’s good to have a financially responsible father. There’s food, clothing, shelter, education, toys, books, extracurricular activities – the list goes on and on. Kids will surely appreciate it knowing that their father loves them by trying their best to give them a better life.

“That is the thankless position of the father in the family – the provider of all, and the enemy of all.”

August Strindberg

A good father is a good husband

The role of a father is showing how good of a husband you are to their mother. After all, maintaining a healthy relationship at home can do great things for your children. It shows that a family has a good foundation, and this gives the child better self-esteem.

Arguments are unavoidable. Plus, just because you don’t argue, it does not mean your relationship will not lead to divorce either. Having arguments is okay as long as you don’t hold onto it after it’s over.

The role of the father in the family

Going through divorce as a child can be traumatic and devastating. It could impact their school grades, social life, and confidence. I’m not saying it’s better to stay in a marriage if you’re not any happier in it, because even divorced couples can still raise a happy family.

It’s just that, while you’re still in the relationship, try to avoid unhealthy arguments. Compromise and extend your patience if you can. Remember, it takes two to tango. This is a joint effort between parents and will reflect greatly on your children.

“Happy Wife, Happy Life.”

A father is a counselor

Kids have their struggles, and as they grow up, their problems get bigger. They’ll need someone they can run to, be a shoulder they can lean on to, a listener, and a good adviser.

You want your children to be comfortable around you. You don’t have to agree with everything your child does. Just being there for them can make a lot of difference. Make sure to spend time and do things together.

 They look up to you so that you can teach them anything there is to learn about, from riding a bike, simple carpentry, or cooking. If they are having problems, be the first person to pick them up. Support them when they need you, and even if they seemed to be busy with their stuff.

Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.

Anne Geddes

It takes a lifetime to be a father. The role of a father is irreplaceable and will have a significant impact on a child’s life. A father shapes them into the person that they will become.

Fathers and Daughters

They depend on you for security and support. You are their basis on what a man is like, therefore if you are loving and gentle, these will be the qualities they’ll look for when they get older.

The role of the father in the family

Fathers and Sons

A son models himself after his father’s character. They tend to imitate their father and, at the same time, seek approval from you. If he sees that his father treats people with respect and is caring, he will do the same when he grows up.

Like mothers, fathers are pillars of a child’s development physically, mentally, and emotionally. Lastly, the term father does not only refer to biological fathers. Maybe you’re a same-sex couple, transgender man or single father, or perhaps you’re a step parent, have adopted a child, or perhaps you’re not related at all, you can all provide a meaningful father-child relationship.

The role of the father in the family

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