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The period of pregnancy is an exciting time for mommies! For the next nine months, …

Best Pregnancy Apps

The period of pregnancy is an exciting time for mommies! For the next nine months, you’d want to check how your baby is doing. How is he developing? What are the new changes does he go through?

I can relate to women who want to google what’s going on. We can’t always check with our doctors, so one of the most convenient ways is downloading the best pregnancy apps onto our phones. These apps provide a lot of helpful information to understand the child growing in our tummy better. We can also follow tips from the food that we need to eat to safe exercises we can do to ensure that our body is in good shape.

Best Pregnancy Apps

Best Pregnancy Apps

Important Features That You Should Look for Pregnancy Apps

Before we get into our recommended pregnancy apps of 2021, check out the following features that you should look for:

  • A calendar for appointments
  • Patient information on basic embryology
  • Mood tracker
  • Food tracker
  • Water intake tracker

My 7 Best Pregnancy Apps for Mommies

280days: Pregnancy Diary

IOS and Android | Free

This is a pregnancy diary app that lets you turn your notes into a book. It connects the mom, dad, and the tummy and has features where you can manage your medical checkups and your physical condition. There are also weekly cute baby illustrations as they grow based on your stage of pregnancy. They make adorable gestures whenever you open the app, and when you tap on it, it will speak of words of encouragement.

After 280 days, you can export your records and create the book. People love this app because it can make your pregnancy journey meaningful from day 1 to the day of birth.


IOS and Android | Free

It may not be the prettiest app out there, but it has all the functions that you’ll need. Preglife is one of the top-rated pregnancy apps because of its lack of advertisements. It was made from Sweden developed with midwives, physicians, and other specialists in Sweden, guaranteeing that the medical information has been verified.

The app contains a pregnancy calendar, checklist, weight curve, and a diary. There are also guides, podcasts, and videos you can watch that will provide rich insights preparing you for what’s ahead. Once your baby is born, you can also track your baby’s development for the first two years. It contains a vaccination table too!

Ovia Health

IOS and Android | Free

Ovia is an app you can use to track your cycle, trying to conceive, pregnant or managing parenthood. It has recently launched its new features, including My Baby Names, which helps you find your baby’s perfect name. There’s also In the Womb where you can see realistic illustrations of your baby week by week!

The feedback online has some mothers who use it in all four pregnancies! There is daily information that also covers child sleep coaching and postpartum depression. The Ovia app can arrange one-on-one support from family health experts if you need additional information on your pregnancy.

HiMommy Pregnancy Tracker

IOS and Android | Free

Mommies love the color palette and user-friendly interface of HiMommy. It is one of the simplest pregnancy apps, straightforward without the clutter! It also informs you of baby development daily, with useful checklists such as the 39 most important things to bring with you to the hospital and 54 things to have at home to prepare your little one.


IOS | Free

Let’s admit it. Daddies need their apps, too, so they can feel as connected to the baby as mommies do. ProDaddy is the primary app made for first-time fathers. It provides all kinds of preparation resources, from weekly tips that summarize answers to any types of dad questions to Daddy Deep Dives that contain great details on complex pregnancy topics.

This app is created for busy dads who want to get to the point without reading a 500-page book. The information is all broken down that comes in a funny tone so that dads can relate.

Music for Pregnancy Relaxation

Android | Free

This app contains a collection of classical music that will relax you, provide a good ambiance towards a healthier and stress-free birth experience. There are many benefits to listening to the right music while you are pregnant.

It is also no secret that listening to classical music has a lasting effect on the baby’s brain. It is said to improve comprehension of math and other computing skills. This app can reduce stress and anxiety and is perfect if you feel agitated or depressed.

Baby2Body: Pregnancy Wellness

IOS | Free

I personally love this app. Being pregnant, we experience feeling the fear with how our body is growing bigger. We don’t want to gain unnecessary weight, but at the same time, we want the best for the baby too. How do we balance it out?

Baby2Body contains safe workouts you can do while pregnant. The premium feature includes dietary guidance and simple recipes to make sure it meets your nutritional needs. There are also daily bites that have relevant reads on your baby’s development.

Do you have other pregnancy apps which you think is good? Share with us in the comment box below.

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