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HO HO HO….”Merry Christmas” everybody. Best gifts for Christmas exclusively brings you 6 gifts ideas …

Best Gifts for Christmas

HO HO HO….”Merry Christmas” everybody. Best gifts for Christmas exclusively brings you 6 gifts ideas for children 7 years old and under. If you are looking for great gift ideas for your kids during this festive season, this is the article for you.

Christmas is around the corner and if you are one of them who likes to be ahead of the festive season, you probably already started your shopping list.  There are many great toys out there for children 7 years old and younger but finding one that can keep them busy for more than 10 minutes can be hard. 

Finding a toy that you know they will enjoy for a while takes a bit of talent and some research.  Thank goodness we have done the hard work for you. 

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Best gifts for Christmas

Subscription box

“Subscription boxes are recurring delivery of niche products as part of marketing strategy and a method of product distribution” according to definition on Wikipedia. In short, subscription box will be delivering your purchased product in periodic condition such as by monthly, yearly or seasonal.

There are so many fun subscription boxes for kids out there and it is hard to choose.  What makes this gift extra special is that they get a gift in your mailbox every month, depending on how long you decide to subscribe it.

If your kids love reading books and play puzzle games including drawing activities, maze, word games and more finding hidden objects games, Highlights Puzzle club has lots of exciting games to play with. This subscription box is designed based on age appropriate book which help building your kids’ skills through play.

They will be sending 2 magazines with 36 pages of playful activities and 3 stickers puzzles to your mailbox every month. Highlights has been the expert on crafting puzzles for more than 70 years that help kids to build skills on concentration, vocabulary and sequencing.

Highlights Puzzle Club – Kids puzzle book subscription

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Play Tent  

Children love creating their own world in their very own tent!  They can pretend they are camping or even make it into the fun creative spot.  They will enjoy this gift for years.

Fun Little Toys kids play tent offers 18 necessaries little campers need to setup camp adventure. The play tent include two battery powered pretend gas stove and oil lamp, binoculars, utility knife, multifunctional whistle, cooking pan, plates and shovel. It is a great gift for the kids who loves to explore the nature and it also help to build their imagination and creativity through pretend play.

Fun Little Toys kids play tent

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Karaoke Microphone  

Are your children enjoy singing and dancing? Then they will enjoy this wonderful gift. This can be a great idea to give him/her a karaoke microphone. Your little one can enjoy singing their heart out.

If your children love Peppa pig, this can be a great gift for them. Peppa pig Sing with Peppa Microphone toy comes with a sound activitiy book set contain 24 songs including “Muddy Puddles”. Your little one is able to learn how to press on each different color button to listen to a different song. It helps with their sensory and motor skill when they are young babies. Your children can later just grab the microphone and sing along with the music when they grow older.

This toy is able to help your children in reading skills, and build their confidence by singing out loud and self expression can be enhanced too.

Peppa Pig – Sing with Peppa! Microphone Toy and Look and Find Sound Activity Book Set 

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Picasso Tiles 3D magnetic block 

For your future engineer or architect, this toy is great for fine motor skills and to help cultivate their creativity.  You will be impressed by what your child can build.

Playmags 3D Magnetic Blocks for Kids Set of 100 Blocks 

It is a open ended toy play which simulate problem solving skills, motor skills, shape and color recognition. Ideal for children 3 years old and above.

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Mega Bloks First Builders Set  

Mega Bloks building block is a fundamental toy a kid must have. It is well known as an educational toy that grow up with your kids with value. It is not only fun, toy blocks is able to help your child in developing various skills and promote creativity.

It comes with different colors and shapes, specially design for the little hands and the growing mind. It is easy to take apart and put together. You will be surprised how they use their imagination to build tall building, big castle or an animal with this simple little blocks.

Mega Bloks First Builder Deluxe set

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Educational Insights talking Microscope  

For older children (3 years old and above) who love to learn about science, getting them their first microscope will be a huge hit!  This awesome toy is all about STEM learning and exploring.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope provides 60 ( or 20 slides) quality images of plants, insects, hair and animals to let the children learn through visual and hearing to the talking microscope. This talking microscope is not only a fun toy to play but provides resources to keep your child learning.

This is a educational toy comes with prepared images for the kids to learning through play. It is not a real microscope where kids are going outside collecting their own samples and see from the microscope.

Educational Insights talking microscope provides more than 100 facts and questions related to the images and you can select languages such as in English and Chinese or Japanese and Korean.

Educational Insights talking microscope

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