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Play is an important part of our baby’s life as he/she learns through play. Baby …

Baby developmental toys

Play is an important part of our baby’s life as he/she learns through play. Baby developmental toys can be useful to help your child with the physical and cognitive development.

There are many toys in the market which come with different colors, shape and functions. Which type of toys are baby developmental toys which will bring value in the play?

If you are interested to know what kind of baby developmental toys that will help your child with learning and developing skills, here is the article for you.

Baby developmental toys

Baby developmental toys

Baby developmental toys are also known as educational toys. These toys are specifically designed for children with the intention to stimulate learning and usually help to develop certain skills.

There are many toys in the market, let’s find out which one has higher play value and lasting toys that will grow with your child.

Here are simple introduction about each toys i recommend and why i select them as baby developmental toys.

Toy blocks

There are soft blocks for infants, blocks for outdoor play, table blocks, hollow blocks and building blocks. These blocks are usually made of foam, plastic and wood.

Toy blocks have significant benefits as they are not only fun and exciting, they helps in developing variety skills and promote creativity.

Baby developmental toys

Improve motor skills

While children playing with toy blocks, by just gripping the block is enough as a good practice to strengthen their finger and hands. When they try to stack them up and their eye – hand coordination improves with practice.

Logical thinking skills

Children will have fun taking them apart, joining them back together, adding on to a structure and building combination of block to form a structure. Blocks are open ended toys, children can use their imagination and creativity to build a structure and also helps in developing problem solving and logical thinking skills.

A good set of blocks allow children to think logically. Young children will figure out how to arrange these block, after they topple over multiple times, to prevent from topple over repeatedly. Older children will think more higher level, which is how to arrange them to build more blocks at the bottom for stronger base to prevent them from toppling over. After children grow much order, they can build their mathematical skills by add up or subtract the number of blocks required to build a structure.

Language skills

Toy blocks comes with different colors, numbers, shapes and sizes. Children will subsequently learn to name them while they play, to improve on language skills.

Solving divergent problem

Some studies also have shown that children who play toy blocks able to think creatively and better problem solving skills in divergent problem. Children who play toy blocks (which is a divergent play) perform better on divergent problems.

Toy blocks are more versatile, they can be played at any developmental stages of a child’s life.

Build self confidence

Due to the praise given to our children as they finish building their masterpiece, it increases his/her confidence. This will encourage them to try out other challenges or other new tasks.

Musical toys

Music has been known to help soothe our little one after birth. Some even expose their babies to music even when they are still in the womb. Music indeed bring advantages to babies in young age and let’s find out the reason why.

Music stimulate babies brain to develop. When babies expose to music in an early age, they will remember more and learn more with music.

Baby developmental toys

Musical toys which are commonly seen in the market which are designed safe for children are such as piano, guitar, maracas, xylophone, drum, tambourine, musical rhymes book and many more.

Stimulate brain power

Music simply stimulate parts of the brain that associated with reading, math and emotional development. Music helps memory and learning abilities. Kids can remember more and learn better with music.

Motor skills development

Babies will experimenting their musical toys by touching, holding, tapping and listening to the sound help them explore the new things by sensory. Just gripping on drum stick and tap it on the drum, babies will learn to understand if tapping on the drum, will create sound. Eye-hand coordination can be improved with practice too.

Rainbow xylophone will stimulate babies brain by coordinating the music notes with the colored bars. They will start hitting the bar they see and eventually these noises may turn out to be music to your ears.

A lot of studies show a positive relationship between music and academic performance. Children who are exposed to musics score better in academic.

Other open ended toys

Open ended toys are toys that can be played in many different ways. They allow the children to play with their own imagination. Good examples are:

  • Ball
  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Different sizes of boxes, bowls, blocks
  • Sand box
  • Baby dolls
  • Animal figurines
  • Toys vehicles
  • kitchen play set

Creativity and innovative

It is important to allow our children to explore the role and objectives of toys themselves. They can have so much fun doing whatever they want with the toys (no right or wrong!). Sometimes, without any expectations from the parents, the outcome can be a surprise for you!

Baby developmental toys

During the play, children can have choices and make their own decision. It is a potential for self-discovery.

Open ended toys is a trial and error play and sometimes, children may face challenges and make mistakes. These “errors” will make them pause and wonder. Self initiating behaviors are developed.

Toys promote physical movement

Staying active is important for child’s growth as it promotes kids’ cognitive development. Children need to stay active to help them in physical development as they grow older, they will become stronger and more confident in physical movement.

Such toys are tricycles or bicycles, ball of all sizes, bowling set and pull-toys which will make them move around and help strengthen their gross motor control development. This skills can help our child to grow into happy, healthy and active adults.

Baby developmental toys


Baby developmental toys can play a big roles in helping our little ones learn about social skills and language skills too. They learn how to share and take turns if they play in group. Interaction with other kids can help them develop advanced social skills and language skills which is useful for them to build confidence when they grow up.

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