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How to get pregnant fast and easy? If you are thinking of getting pregnant, I …

How to get pregnant fast and easy?

How to get pregnant fast and easy? If you are thinking of getting pregnant, I hope this article will be insightful to you. This article is written for those who are planned and prepared to have children. I will be sharing things you should do and avoid doing during this period.

We have heard of miscarriages, babies born with birth defects, and other problematic pregnancies etc. In many cases, these issues could be actually prevented if you have taken good preconception care during this period. Ideally, if you are a healthy person, trying to get pregnant at least 6 months will be no problem at all.

Preconception care

Preconception care is important to make sure good pregnancy outcome through the prevention of risk factors which could affect the health of the future generation. Both women and man are equally important in preconception care to ensure the smooth and successful pregnancy. First step of how to get pregnant fast and easy is to have both of you, thorough body check up.

Health status checked

How to get pregnant fast and easy?

First thing to do is to have both of you to have body check up. Regardless if it is going to be your first pregnancy or if you have given birth before, always seek for medical health check during this period. It is important to understand your current health status whether they are in the best shape for a healthy pregnancy. Pay a visit to your doctor and tell him/her that you are planning for pregnancy.

If you have health issues, be honest with your doctor and also disclose about your family medical history. Some illnesses are genetic and some are hereditary. These informations are crucial that your doctor need to know which may affect your pregnancy.

If you have a miscarriage before, or have any other health issues such as diabetes, seizure disorders, high blood pressure which you need to undertake long term medication, doctor will advise steps you can take to avoid certain birth defects and appropriate treatment to be carried out.


Are you a smoker? or alcoholic? or drug addict? We all are aware that bad living lifestyle is not only affect our health in long term and for sure for those who are planning to get pregnant, it is a big NO. Smoking and taking excessive alcohol and drug may cause adverse health effect to your entire pregnancy and the health of your baby! CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has highlighted 4 main substances used during or before pregnancy and their adverse health effect to their babies. How to get pregnant fast and easy? Avoid these substance totally.

1. Opioids

It is a class of drug to manage pain and it is addictive. It has been proven to cause serious negative health effect to the pregnancy woman and developing baby such as preterm birth, still birth, maternal mortality, and neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS).

2. Marijuana

There is no human research regarding the use of marijuana may lead to miscarriage but some animal researches showing the use of marijuana may increase the risk of miscarriage. There are evidence associated with low weight birth or premature birth and some associate with future developmental and hyperactivity disorder in children. Studies also show that women who are exposed to marijuana in long term will elevate the risk of getting stillbirth. Therefore, experts counsel against the use of marijuana while trying to get pregnant, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

3. Tobacco

Smoking during pregnancy has proven the increase of risk of preterm birth, low weight birth and birth defects of the mouth and lip. Cigarette, such as e-cigarette and other nicotine products are not safe for women during pregnancy because it poses health danger to the pregnant women and the developing babies especially on the brain and lung. Therefore, if you are planning to get pregnant, quit smoking!. I know it is hard but it is possible.

4. Alcohol

How to get pregnant fast and easy?

Taking alcohol is harmful during pregnancy. Even wine and beer, they are equally harmful. Here are why alcohol is prohibited during pregnancy, it causes:

  • miscarriage
  • stillbirth
  • lifelong physical, behavioral and intellectual disabilities

It is advised for woman who plans to get pregnant, stop drinking alcohol. You may not know as for the first 3 months of pregnancy (sometimes you may not be aware that you have already pregnant) drinking alcohol may cause serious health problem to the fetus such as abnormal facial features, the growth of central nervous system problem and the babies brain may be affected as well.

In order to get pregnant fast and easy, live a healthy lifestyle with minimal stress, adequate exercise and eating balanced healthy diet.

Folic acid intake

One of the main nutrients that women need before she conceives a child, is folic acid (or folate). Folic acid is a Vitamin B9, ideally to be taken at the beginning from few months before conceiving as well as during pregnancy. Lack of folic acid may lead to major birth defects of the baby’s brain and spine.

If you are prepared for pregnancy, that’s why it is important to visit your doctor and telling him/her your intention to get pregnant, he/she would possibly suggest you to start taking folic acid supplement as a part of your preconception care. For normal adult, we need about 400mcg daily to avoid deficiency.

There are also foods which are rich in folate. Leafy green such as spinach, legumes, asparagus, eggs, beets, citrus fruits, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, nuts and seeds, beef liver, papaya, avocado, banana and wheatgerm are some examples of foods which you can find in your surrounding. Normally, we do not know how much of these foods to take in our daily diet in order to get sufficient folic acid we need. Therefore, supplement is recommended for women who are planned for getting pregnant and during their pregnancy.

Chemical exposure

Toxic chemicals at workplace or at home such as pollution, metal fumes, fertilizers, bug sprays and other industrial / lab/ household chemicals shall be avoided during your preconception period. These substances can hurt the reproductive system of women and make it more difficult to get pregnant. Be wary of the toxic chemicals used at your workplace and at home and protect yourself against them to minimize the exposure.

Ideal weight control

Overweight or underweight can make you more difficult to get pregnant. Being overweight or obese may get you in a risk of getting serious condition during pregnancy such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers (endometrial, breast and colon). Underweight also will cause serious health problem too.

Maintain a healthy weight will require some changes in your lifestyle and diet. Talk to your doctor if you are facing these problems and maintain a healthy weight before you get pregnant is a wise decision during preconception period.


How to get pregnant fast and easy? Follow the steps above.  Planning for getting pregnant enable you to get better preconception care. Do not take anything for granted as you may think getting pregnant is easy and risk free if you are young. No, it is not true. Preconception period is crucial no matter which age group you are but as long as you have planned it properly and follow these steps mentioned above, at the end of the day, it shows you respect and really care about your body and your baby you are bringing into this world.

Therefore, how to get pregnant fast and easy? Follow the steps above. I have also written an article previously about tips on how to conceive, click here to read more.

Do share your comment in the comment box below about your experience in getting pregnant fast and easy. If you like this article, please share it with your friends.

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