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The days leading to your due date can be overwhelming. What do you need to …

Baby hospital bag checklist

The days leading to your due date can be overwhelming. What do you need to pack for labor and after? What are the things that better left at home? A baby hospital bag checklist can be useful for the new parents who are not sure what to do when due date is approaching.

Baby hospital bag checklist

Baby hospital bag checklist

If you are unsure if you got the right things in your baby’s hospital bag, we made the ultimate checklist for you! In this article, you will have a checklist for:

  • Hospital bag for mom
  • Hospital bag for baby

When is the Right Time to Pack Your Baby Hospital Bag?

Your due date is approaching, and that means your baby can arrive any day now. You can be swarmed with different kinds of emotions, from excitement to nervousness. Finally, the time will soon come!

Thus, there is no right time to pack your hospital bag, but now. Don’t worry. It will not be as frantic as in the movies, but you still need to be prepared for what’s about to come.

Ideally, the best time to pack your baby’s hospital bag is when you have reached the 36th week, just in case you get earlier labor.

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag (For Mom)?

Before packing for your baby, you first need to pack for yourself. You need to pack things you need for staying at the hospital for 1-2 days, if you have other medical complications, you may need to stay longer.

Baby hospital bag checklist

1.Maternity Pads

After giving birth, the hospital will hook you up either with mesh underwear or pads. Private hospital will usually provide them and help you change them frequently. Just find out from your local hospital whether they provide any, or else just bring some just in case they do not provide.

2. Personal belongings

Usually you will be wearing hospital clothes after you are admitted to hospital. You need to pack a set of clean clothes to change when you discharge from the hospital. A nice comfy maternity shirtdress, a nursing bra, a high waisted briefs ( some people call them granny panties), scarf or sweater and socks to keep your body warm.

3. Shoe

Usually you will wear something you can easily slip on. Some people prefer to wear with socks.

4. Drinks

You need to drink a lot of water after labor to keep your body hydrated. Most hospitals have hot water dispenser but you need to bring your own thermo flask that can keep water warm for longer time. For those who prefer to have other drink than just plain water, you may bring herbs such as goji berries and dates or dried longan.

5. Mobile phone and charger

Keep it fully charged and leave enough space so you can take pictures of your little one to send to your family and friends. You may need to make a few phone calls in case of urgent matters.

6. Towel

After labor you maybe feeling exhausted and sweaty. You may need someone to help you clean your body with a wet soft towel. In Chinese tradition, we are not advisable to get our body or hand’s wet with plain water during our confinement period of 30-40 days as “wind” will penetrate to our body and cause various of illness in future. Of course, some of us still maintain this tradition but it is ok to clean with warm herbal bath from the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and wipe clean immediately after shower.

7. Identity Card

You may need it when you register to admit and discharge from the hospital.

8. Extra pillow

You may need extra pillow to support your body or your hand. It is not a necessary but maybe helpful for certain mothers to ease the pain.

9. Toiletries and skin care

Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, lotion, and comb. They are not necessary items but if you have a strict personal hygiene requirement, you may need them too. Pack them in small bottles so that they will not take up too much space in your bag.

10. Entertainment

Book or magazine can keep you relax and entertained. You will spend most of time in the hospital doing nothing but reading. Baby will be sleeping most of the time in the baby room or besides you, and of course, you will spend some quiet time with your baby during feeding time.

11. Face Masks

It is a mandatory by the law especially with the pandemic.

Baby hospital bag checklist

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag (For Your Baby)?

1. Clothing for Your Baby

Make sure to pack one set of newborn baby clothing and a swaddle. You may want to bring extra clothing or blanket during winter. A pair of socks, mitten or hat also good to keep your child nice and warm.

2. Newborn diaper

Find out from your local hospital whether they will provide diapers to your baby. Usually, private hospital will provide them and you do not have to worry about your baby not having enough diapers.

3. Baby Wipes

The hospital will likely have baby wipes too, but it has so many uses that you can also use it to clean yourself or remove sweat. Having extra will do wonders!

4. Bottles and Formula

Usually breast milk will only start kicking in on day 3 after delivery. If you go for formula feeding, you may need to bring bottles and formula. Check with your local hospital whether they provide bottle and formula for your baby after birth. For private hospital, usually formula will be given upon request.


There’s your ultimate baby hospital bag checklist. Have we forgotten anything? Comment it on the section below!

In packing your hospital bag checklist, be mindful of what you need to pack in your bag. Keep in mind that you will probably spend around one to two nights at the hospital.

Lastly, don’t forget to leave an extra room in your hospital bag, so you still have space for anything the hospital gives you. Usually, this will include diapers and other complimentary items.

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