Working Mom: Should I Hire Help?

Being a working mom means juggling hundreds of responsibilities at once. Life now is more demanding and hectic than ever, even for stay-at-home moms, and deciding whether you should hire help or not is critical not only for your child but also for you.

A common question for every mom out there is if should I hire help.

Well, you are not a machine, and seeking help doesn’t mean you’re running away from all your duties as a parent. Sure, you want to do it all and be there 24/7 for your child, but being a mom doesn’t mean neglecting your physical, mental, and emotional health. We don’t want the dreaded ‘mom burnout’ to set in, and that’s when babysitting comes to the rescue! To also provide you a much-needed breathing space.

Babysitters’ main duty may just be watching your children and keeping them safe, but hiring one can come with other benefits, too. You can work together harmoniously to provide the best care a child can receive. It can be one of your best parenting decisions!

I’m a full-time on-site working mom, should I hire help?

If you have an 8-5 job that requires you to leave the house, then you likely need full-time childcare. It’s not just a matter of meeting your child’s needs, but also meeting the expectations of the company you are working for. Having a babysitter adds an extra level of flexibility and security since you’re not home most of the time.

I work at home, should I still hire help?

Working from home doesn’t mean more time to look after your kids. It doesn’t lessen your responsibility as an employee, too. It’s still working; you’re still required to sit in front of your computer for hours, answer emails, do tasks, attend meetings, beat deadlines, and all. You can see your kids and you know what they’re doing, that’s a plus, but when your home is also your office, your two worlds will inevitably collide. Imagine cleaning the house during your 30-minute break and talking in a meeting while your child is throwing a tantrum. It can be chaotic for both of you, but hiring someone can help you tend to your child while you focus on your work.

Working mom: should i hire help?

What are the other benefits of hiring help?

Extra Pair of Hands

Nannies or babysitters offer convenience. Since both of you are a team now, you two will share chores and tasks to help you focus on your job and do things that require your full attention. It also gives you more quality time with your kids!

A Sigh of Relief

A dependable and responsible nanny gives you peace of mind and a relieved heart. You can work without worrying too much about your kids because you know that someone is looking after them and taking good care of them.

Flexible Schedule

Hiring a nanny helps you maximize your time and manage your schedule. This is really a huge help especially if you’re the on-the-go type of working mom. You don’t have to cancel an appointment that you’ve planned long ago or there’s no need for you to call someone last minute to look after your child for a couple of hours just because your boss needs you to attend a conference or an emergency meeting. If you need to rush somewhere, you can go without worrying about your child.

Less Workload

A nanny can lessen your housework. For the majority of working moms, 24 hours a day is just not enough to accomplish everything. The list of chores and tasks is just endless. A nanny can help do some light chores while your child takes a nap, it means less work for you when you get home. Every little help counts!

working mom: should i hire help?

Updated Even When You’re Away

If you’re not working from home, your nanny can still keep you updated by sending photos, videos, and messages. You can even call them from time to time to check on your kid! You will never miss any of your kid’s activities.

Added Security

In case something happens, you know that your kids are safely back home. You know that there is a trained adult watching your kids and also to refrain them from doing something crazy. Also, it’s a good thing that there’s an adult presence in your home in case you’re not around to prevent intruders.


To take care of others, we must take care of ourselves, too. Accomplishing our duties and fulfilling our responsibilities at once could leave us with no time left for ourselves. Parenting means sacrificing and ignoring our own needs for the benefit of our child, but it doesn’t necessarily equate to losing our individuality. We have to nurture ourselves, too. Repeat after me: self-care isn’t selfish. Sharing all these duties with a nanny will give us more free time and more room to grow as a mom and as a person. Do not force yourself too much.

All in all, next time you ask yourself if you should hire help, remember this. Hiring a nanny or a babysitter can help you reduce your stress by almost half. A nanny acts like a third parent taking care of your child and loves them, too, almost as much as you do.

This is Jessie signing off, reminding you once again – you don’t have to do all these things alone. ?

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