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What is the best tablet for kids in 2022? Technology has been silently dominating the …

What is the Best Tablet for Kids?

What is the best tablet for kids in 2022? Technology has been silently dominating the world for the past years. Every year, new upgraded versions of tablets from different brands would come up, and people are always excited about this – your kids are no exception.

A tablet is used to play games, watch entertainment and educational shows, and take up online classes. It has become necessary, especially in the previous years—the pandemic that made children attend class from home, tablet has become a must for every home.

If you are still thinking of the best tablet brand and model to buy for your kids, we have made this guide for you. We also covered other factors and considerations when purchasing one.

Is It Advisable for My Kid to Own a Tablet?

There is no evidence that owning a tablet will have a negative impact on your child’s development. As long as the time allocated spent using the tablet is in moderation, your child can benefit more from owning a tablet.

What is the Best Tablet for Kids?

Before buying a tablet for your child, it might be helpful to ask yourself:

Why do I want to buy my child a tablet, and how will my child use it?

Most parents I know who gave their child a tablet have made a clear boundary from when and where the tablet will be used to not turn into a constant companion. Screen time is always an issue to discuss in many online parenting groups, and parents admit that they couldn’t live without the break that comes with handling their kids a tablet.

It might be tempting to let them use the tablet so we, parents, can have more me-time, but too much of everything is harmful. Unsupervised children with their tablets can make them more addicted to it, and it will be difficult to control their behaviors in the future. Plus, there’s the eye strain and accidentally stumbling upon bad influences.

What are the Benefits of Tablets in Child’s Learning?

Early exposure of your child to technology can give your child the technological knowledge that they need once school starts. Schools today require some basic knowledge or familiarity in operating the computer. Therefore, they can quickly adapt to their educational needs until they grow up with the world’s modernity.

Research also has shown that using a tablet with learning apps will help in boosting their knowledge in vocabulary comprehension, language, and mathematical skills.

What About the Benefits of Tablets in Child’s Bonding and Entertainment?

Playing tablet with your child creates a bonding time between you and your child. You can also use it for watching shows or movies and reading books to them. This way, you will have an excellent opportunity to get involved in your child’s development by talking to them about what they’re doing and seeing.

If you are a working parent, you can use the tablet to have FaceTime or video call with your child anytime. It helps families grow closer even if they are thousands of miles apart.

What is the Best Tablet for Kids of All Ages?

Every child has different needs. When it comes to tablets, there is a variety of top tablets you can choose base on the following criteria:

  • Budget bargains
  • Premium options
  • Tablets running iOS
  • Tablets running Android
  • Tablets offering total parental control over kids can access

No matter how old your kids or how tight your budget, you will find the perfect tablet for your kids. Here are our top picks based on the above factors:

Best durable design – Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition tablet

Why we love it?

  • Durable design and easy to hold
  • Includes a two-year accidental damage protection
  • It comes with a rubber bumper that will protect the tablet from drop and scratches
  • Bigger screen size 10 inches
  • It is a powerful education tablet that offers plenty of creative apps, tv shows, and books
  • It has a 12-hour battery usage
  • Parental control can be accessed
  • Faster processor and more RAM
  • Excellent value for money
What is the Best Tablet for Kids? 11What is the Best Tablet for Kids? 12

Best high performance – Apple iPad (2021)

Why is it great for students and older children?

  • It has powerful specs ideal for homework, gaming, and media usage
  • It has a 10-hour battery usage
  • It is easy to add a compatible keyboard and an Apple pencil
  • It comes with an excellent app library

*However, out of the featured tablets here, this one can be a little pricey.

What is the Best Tablet for Kids? 13What is the Best Tablet for Kids? 14

Best large screen – Lenovo Tab M10 plus

Why we love it?

  • It has a 10.3-inch FHD display
  • It features kid-friendly content
  • There is an option for parents to manage how long they spend on the tablet
  • It comes with boasts eye-care protection technology to ease any potential eyestrain risk
  • It has a 7-hour battery usage
  • It features a front and rear camera and two Dolby Atmos side speakers
  • The price is affordable!
What is the Best Tablet for Kids? 15What is the Best Tablet for Kids? 16

Best for parental controls – Leapfrog LeadPad Academy Edition

Why we love it?

  • It is highly focused on educational content by including all educational apps
  • It comes with a kid-friendly web browser and a rubber bumper to protect it from drop and scratches
  • There are parental controls that allow managing content, screen time, and multiple profiles
  • It has a 7-hour battery usage
  • The tablet can be used even without an internet connection

What is the Best Tablet for Kids? 17What is the Best Tablet for Kids? 18

Best for older kids – Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Why is it suitable for older kids?

  • It is slim and light so that children can carry it with ease
  • There is access to the google play store
  • And still comes with parental controls
  • It has 13-hr battery usage
  • The price is affordable too!
What is the Best Tablet for Kids? 19What is the Best Tablet for Kids? 20

Now that we learned the value of tablets to our kids and us parents, the rest will depend on the attitude kids will have towards tablet usage. You may expect arguments on negotiating screen time limits, but like most other things in life and child-rearing, moderation is always the key.

Let us know which tablet is your choice? Leave your comment in the comment box below.

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