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Hi there, i am writing this article to share with you some tips on how …

Tips on how to conceive easily

Hi there, i am writing this article to share with you some tips on how to conceive easily. For those married couples who plan to grow their family, here is the article for you. I hope you find it useful.

How wonderful it is to have a child of your own. Some couples get married for years and hoping one day able to see double lines in the home pregnancy test kit. People are finding ways to have children and seeking for remedies to get conceived.

It is very important to consider factors which may cause failure to conceive. Age is one of the factors. Younger women ( less than 17 years old) who are not fully grown up may have higher chances to get miscarriage or give birth to premature babies. Women who are older (first pregnancy at age of 35) may have complications during the pregnancy and have tendency of getting Down Syndrome babies. For some reason, the journey of getting pregnant is just not easy for certain group of people.

I was in my early 40s when I have my daughter, which mean to say I was one of the high risk group due to my age. I do follow some tips which I am going to share here in this post, on how to conceive. In general, chances of getting pregnant for normal healthy couples within a year of trying is more than 88%. It does not sound too bad at all. Here are the 8 important tips on how to conceive easily.

Tips on how to conceive


You must have a plan. For example, we planned to have children after 5 years of marriage. Based on couple’s age and body health condition, if both are mentally and physically ready and fit, shall give it a try. If you fail to conceive naturally within a year, then you shall seek for medical advice.

Why planning is important? Unintended pregnancy may likely to have miscarriage or baby born with birth defects because we do not provide healthy environment for the embryos to grow. For example, HIV mothers who have undergone treatment, chances of getting HIV baby is less than 1%. If HIV mother does not plan for pregnancy and yet she got pregnant, chances of getting HIV babies can reach up to 35-40%.

Medical checkup

Both couple must have medical check up before planning to have children. My part of family has Thalassemias. If happen that you are Thalassemias carrier, make sure your partner is free from Thalassemias. Otherwise, your baby may have higher chances of getting Thalassemias too.

Doctor has to find out my body condition especially the reproductive organ. Any medical Issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes, fibroid or cyst in the uterus, venereal disease, HIV etc? Everything has to be sorted out. High blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancy can lead to complications such as epilepsy in babies and latter one may cause low sugar level and oversize babies. If you have any of this issue, go for medical solution or food control.

Healthy dieting

Another important tips on how to conceive easily is to have both of you to implement good healthy dieting. I have to control my body weight, too skinny or too fat may not be able to conceive easily. Obesity creates hormone imbalanced and cause infertility. Too skinny will also affect fertility because of malnutrition such as iron insufficiency.

Iron, calcium and folic acid are important to get our self ready for pregnancy. I consume folic acid (500mg) daily, 3 months consecutively before I got pregnant. It is important to consume folic acid to prevent miscarriage and birth defects. Some people do take vitamins if necessary.

For men, In order to have quality sperm and enough sperm count, should maintain good healthy lifestyle- regular exercise and prevent drinking alcohol and smoking.

Infections and Vaccination

In some countries, it is crucial to have vaccines for certain diseases, example German Measles or Rubella. Woman who has Rubella will likely to have birth defects. Just show your vaccinations record when you do medical checkup.

For those families who have pets at home such as cats or birds, be aware. These pets may carry dangerous disease to you and the babies from their poops and secretions. Cats particularly has parasite worm called Toxoplasma gondii which in fact, can cause serious health effect to pregnant women. Bird poops also known as toxic to human as it might have causing meningitis in babies.

Substance abuse

Tips on how to conceive

Smoking and drinking alcohol shall be totally eliminated if you plan to have babies. Even passive smoking also not advisable. Smoking tends to cause miscarriage in the early stage of pregnancy and if the exposure continues, it will likely cause premature birth. The impact to babies is unbearable, could have caused permanent health effect in long terms.

Drinking alcohol is totally prohibited. Of course, a sip of red wine will not cause any harm but if drinking uncontrollably, it will cause adverse health effect to the child. According to study, drinking alcohol during pregnancy will likely to have a child with violent tendency.

Caffeine can be found in tea, coffee and other beverages. Doctor advises those who are planning to have children, shall avoid taking caffeine too. Similarly, for those who are addicted to drugs, these habits shall be eliminated.

Chemical exposure

Chemicals can be found everywhere. At home, we have detergent, insecticide, solvent etc. Overexposure to chemicals can cause miscarriage and birth defects. For those who are working in a chemical plant or chemical laboratory, shall be temporarily reassigned to other task which is not direct in contact with chemicals or working under the chemical environment.

Woman also shall be aware of the food they intake especially seafood. Sometimes big ocean fish is likely to contain higher heavy metal content than smaller river fish. Eating fish is good for health but choose wisely.


In reality, some women can easily get pregnant even though they smoke like a chimney, drinking and taking drugs. Some women are having healthy living lifestyle and yet cannot get pregnant. This might be due to STRESS!

Some women who are undergone infertility treatment, ended up anxious and depressed. They are just too stress out thinking of all the possible solution for conception. In fact, stress just turn into anxiety and depression which make them even harder to get pregnant. Heard about women who do not intend to get pregnant but they get pregnant unintentionally?According to WHO, 4 out of 10 women are pregnant without planning. This statistic showed that if you want to conceive easily, relax and enjoy the process!


Do not expect you will get pregnant in one shot. Tracking your ovulation is important and the right timing may increase your likelihood for conception. Usually the right timing is having unprotected sex 3-4 days prior to your ovulation. Ovulation is normally on the 14 days from your first day of period. Keep tracking on your ovulation date each month because each women is having different cycle length.


Many factors cause the infertility in couples. It can be due to women or man or both. Definitely having own children is wonderful but if you do not have any, always can look for adoption or seeking for medical advises. Nowadays due to the technology advancement, sometimes the impossible becomes possible. I hope this article “Tips on how to conceive” is insightful to you and do share it with your friends.

Good lucks to all of you who wish to become mother! Congratulations to all the mothers out there! To those mother-to-be or mothers who wish to share your experience, can drop me a comment below.

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Happy reading!

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