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Some insight about best colic drops for babies. Many parent will choose colic drop or …

The best colic drops for babies

Some insight about best colic drops for babies. Many parent will choose colic drop or gas drop as a remedy to their babies to treat stomach pain caused by gas and colic. The cause of colic is somehow cannot be determined with certainty but some experts say that it may be due to their digestive system has not been fully developed and due to gas.

Even though, colic drops are not medically proven and can be bought from over-the-counter, but based on parents positive reviews and their experience after administering colic drop to their babies, it helps us to make decision to try this remedy out with better confidence.

What is the sign showing your babies are having gassy stomach pain and colic? One out of five infants suffers from colic since 3 weeks old and will eventually heal by itself when they reach 3 -4 months old. It is quite a common condition and it happens at its peak during evening. Babies will suddenly become very fussy and intense crying with clenching fist, almost at the same time at least 2-3 hours in a day, at least 3 times a week and can last for as long as 3 weeks.

We can be really stressful to see babies crying helplessly and we can’t do anything to soothe them. Well, colic/gas drop can be one of the options for your babies.

After researching parents’ review, I have summarized the top 3 babies colic drops which are widely used by them to ease the stomach pain and reduce the excess crying due to gas and colic.

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The best colic drops for babies :

Colic drop #1

Mylicon Gas Relief Drop for Infants and Babies

It contains an active ingredient called simethicone. Simethicone is anti foaming agent which is able to break up gas bubble in the stomach and reduce bloating, stomach pain due to excessive gas. It also contains other inactive ingredients such as carboxymethylcellulose sodium, citric acid, micro crystalline cellulose,natural flavours, polysorbate 60,potassium sorbate, purified water, sodium benzoate, sorbitan monostrearate, sorbitol and xanthan gum.

No side effect has been reported due to this medication. However, simethicone will lower the absorption of thyroid medication, therefore it is best to take at least 4 hours apart. Serious allergy reaction for this product is rare. But if babies encounter any allergy reaction such as rash/itching, seek medical advice immediately.

Mostly the parents are satisfied with this product due to these reasons:

  • Release gas easily
  • Calm the baby almost instantly
  • No more screaming at night due to pain
  • To sleep more calmly
  • Effective and at affordable price.
  • Safe to use.
  • Burp easily
  • Reduce colic pain
  • No more spitting up and vomiting
  • Love the flavor

What enlighten me further when I found a study was done using Malicon gas drop on 51 healthy infants age 2-12 weeks old for the treatment of colic using simethicone. This study was carried out in a week time and the result has shown that 78% of the infants were found great improvement or totally resolved on colic on the first day of treatment and the statistic increase to 86% in day 7. This indeed boost up some confidence level in most parents for using this product.

Colic drop #2

Little Remedies Gas Relief Drop

This product also contains active ingredient called simethicone. It has no artificial dyes, alcohol, paraben, or saccharin and sodium free. Inactive ingredients include carmellose sodium, citric acid, micro crystalline cellulose,natural strawberry flavor,propylene glycol, purified water, sodium benzoate, sucralose and xanthan gum.

Because it contains simethicone, the gas can be easily passed out and reduced bloating and to ease the stomach pain. Based on some parents review, this product also help stop hiccups too.

Let’s see the most reasons why this product is widely used by the parents:

  • Good for gas relief
  • Affordable and effective
  • Able to calm babies down and have a good sleep
  • Baby becomes less fussy within minutes after feeding
  • Acceptable taste

At some point, some parents also raised their concern about one of the inactive ingredient called sucralose, an artificial sweetener, which will cause stomach upset because it decreases the gut bacteria by 50%. They prefer this to be replaced by natural sweetener. Also, there are some comments about the dropper design. Well, this is about personal preference. It can be one the options for your consideration.

Colic drop #3

Mommy’s Bliss Gas Relief Drop

Mommy’s Bliss Gas Relief Drop is also a simethicone Drop which help relieves stomach pain due to gas and colic. It is free from artificial coloring and flavours, no paraben, alcohol, sucrose, gluten, dairy,soy,yeast , binder/filler, and dill. It is made of vegan based ingredient and comes with ginger extract flavor.

Most parents who found this product useful due to these reasons:

  • Relieve gas pain in minutes
  • Convenient due to its small size
  • Able to help to calm down colicky babies
  • Love the taste
  • Safe to use
  • Effective at affordable price
  • Work better together with Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water

Some commented the dropper design which is hard to tell the gauging dosage as the dropper is opaque. The concern is that the dropper is hard to determine the right dosage was administered and afraid of overdosing.

Other options

1. Gripe water is made of natural herb solution and some brands contain sodium bicarbonate as an antacid to ease babies stomach discomfort due to gas and colic. Please click here to find some insight about gripe water for newborn. It will guide you to make decision whether gripe water can be an option for your consideration.

2. Probiotics drop contains great bacteria which is good for the babies’ digestive system, enable them to build strong intestinal and immune system. These bacteria maintain the natural balance of organism in intestine and there was research done to prove probiotics can ease the colic too. There were more than 500 infants were given probiotics drop for 3 months. The result has shown that babies with probiotics have significant decrease colic. The most common probiotic bacteria is Lactobacillus, which can be found in some products listed below as example:

Mommy’s Bliss Probiotic Drops, 10ml

Contains the the world’s most clinically-studied probiotic strain, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG, 1 billion cells per serving to gently build your newborn’s digestive and immune systems.

BioGaia Protectis’s Drops +Vitamin D , 10ml

Backed by over 200 clinical studies, BioGaia’s L. reuteri probiotics are clinically proven, safe & effective.

Zarbee’s Daily Probiotic Drop, 8ml

Probiotic drops are safe and effective for daily use and may help reduce crying time and discomfort associated with colic and occasional gas. This formula contains 2 strains of probiotic

Smarty Pants, 8ml

Pediatrician-tested probiotic strains P. pentosaceus KABP-041 and B. longum KABP-042 that are clinically studied to help soothe fussiness and reduce crying due to occasional upset tummy.

The probiotics drop will not have immediate effect on soothing the babies, because it takes time to build good environment in the intestine. Experts believe when the babies digestive system is healthy, gastrointestinal problem such as colic, acid re flux and constipation will also be resolved.


The best colic drop which I personally like is Mylicon Gas Relief Drop as it is widely used by the parents in Amazon.com with great review about it. My confidence is boosted another level up because of a science based study using this product which gives extremely promising result and no side effect has been reported so far using simethicone.

I hope you find this article about “the best colic drop for babies” useful. Please share with us your experience after using the colic drop in the comment box below.

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