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Spectra breast pump is a well known brand breast pump and widely used by mommies. …

Spectra S1 vs Spectra S2

Spectra breast pump is a well known brand breast pump and widely used by mommies. In this blog, I’ll talk about Spectra Breast Pump: Spectra S1 vs Spectra S2, two of the most-loved models from Spectra. I will be sharing the following:

  • Why Spectra?
  • Pros and Cons of Spectra
  • Comparison of Spectra S1 vs Spectra S2
  • Similarities
  • Differences
  • How to choose according to your need?

If you have questions about “should I get Spectra S1 or S2?” This is the article for you. Read on to find out!

Breast pump

Breast pump is a device for nursing mothers to express breast milk from their breasts. Of course, breast pump is not as effective as baby direct latching or hand expressing. However, it helps mothers who are still able to express milk when babies are not around, or when they are having some lactation problem or fast let down.

Breast pumping is never glamorous. It is also rarely talked about with limited information online. Are you planning to breastfeed your baby? Whether you plan to stay at home or work after your maternity leave, investing a good and right breast pump is necessary.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Breast pump

Before buying a breast pump, here are some factors or questions you may need to ask yourself:

  • How often will you use your breast pump?
  • How much budget can you allocate?
  • How easy is it to use your chosen breast pump?
  • How comfortable can this breast pumping model can be?
  • How durable is the machine? Does it pump milk effectively?

Advantages of Getting a Spectra Breast Pump

There are plenty of breast pump brands in the market. Today, we will share about Spectra breast pump, Spectra S1 vs Spectra S2 models. Spectra breast pumps are originated from South Korea.

Here are the advantages why Spectra has remained to be one of our favorites:

Comfort that Spectra Provides

Mothers love Spectra because compared to other breast pumps in the market, it treats your nipples gently. It is also softer, making the experience for pumping mothers better.

Lack of Pump Noise

People knowing that you are breast-pumping can be a little awkward. You can quiet it down with the use of a Spectra breast pump. The pumps are around 45 decibels which is the same sound as what your computer or refrigerator would produce.

Spectra’s Customer Service is Excellent

It turns out that Spectra’s staff can be reached out via Facebook messenger, so whenever there is a problem with the pumping device, you can easily ask for help, figure out what’s wrong and get the necessary solution.

Spectra Offers the Best Price

With Spectra’s performance, it is considered to be the best-priced breast pump in the market. It has proven that low price does not mean low quality, and it goes with both S1 and S2.

Customizable Breast Pump

Do you know that you can customize the levels of suction with Spectra? With 12 different levels of suction, you’ll find one that will work perfectly for you. The pump also comes with various modes, from pre-letdown, let-down to the massage mode.

Disadvantages of Getting a Spectra Breast Pump

You may encounter by getting the Spectra breast pumps the challenge of picking up replacement parts, especially when there’s an emergency. This will depend on where you live, but it will be better to stock up some extra parts in advance to avoid issues in the future. But do you know what are the parts which will wear off easily? That’s the problem, you will only know when that particular part fails.

Do find if you have a service center around the country where you can get the spare parts easily. Or else, it is always better to have a second backup pump.

Comparing Breast Pump: Spectra S1 vs Spectra S2

Here is a quick comparison of Spectra S1 vs Spectra S2.

DescriptionSpectra S1Spectra S2
ColorBluePinkSpectra S1 vs Spectra S2 4Spectra S1 vs Spectra S2 4Spectra S1 vs Spectra S2 4
Battery duration3 hoursNot battery operated
Timer included?YesYes
Cycle speed control included?YesYes
Single or double pumping?YesYes
LCD screen included?YesYes
Hospital grade pump?YesYes
Check price on Amazon
Check price on Amazon

Similarities of Spectra S1 and Spectra S2

Both breast pumps are hospital grade. They have double electric breast pumps that mean you can pump both breasts at the same time. It means you can save time if you prefer. Otherwise, if you’d like to pump just one breast, single pumping is available in both models too.

Both S1 and S2 feature a massage mode for a let-down reflex, where it mimics the quick gentle suckling of a baby. The expression mode is also available in both, which is useful once milk flow has begun.

It is good to know that both models have an auto-timer as it tells you when you should stop pumping. You can also check the total number of hours you have pumped. In case you need to pump in the middle of the night, you can use the backlight to see the settings and timer properly. It is also advisable to limit your pumping not to exceed 30 minutes.

Both Spectra S1 and S2 are using same operation system, closed pumping system that keeps tubing dry by preventing air flow between expressed milk and pump tubing while pumping protecting breast milk and baby from bacteria, mold and viruses. No worry on contamination.

Difference Between Spectra S1 and Spectra S2

These two Spectra models are almost similar to each other. The only main difference between the two is that Spectra S1 has a build-in rechargeable battery and S2 has to be plugged in to the power source to get operated. You can bring the S1 model and pump anywhere with a fully charged battery that can last for three hours. That’s what makes Spectra S1 more expensive.

It is also good to keep in mind that S1 is heavier and slightly bigger because of the batteries.

Besides that, the obvious difference is only the color. One blue and the other one is pink. That’s it! They all have the same operating system.

Conclusion: How to choose according to your need?

It depends.

If you can foresee yourself having to travel around while you pump milk, then S1 is the best for you. Personally, I’m happy that I invested in Spectra S1 because I can have the flexibility to carry it around. Thus, when the need arises, all I need to do is take it out my portable Spectra S1.

If you think you will be staying at home, or you can easily plug your breast pump machine anywhere else, then you can surely stick with Spectra S2 and save a few bucks too.

How about you, mommies? If you have experiences with either Spectra S1 and Spectra S2, let us know what you think about it? Which one’s your favorite? We love to hear from you.

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