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Hi, today i would like to share with you Spectra S1 breast pump reviews if …

Spectra S1 Breast Pump Reviews

Hi, today i would like to share with you Spectra S1 breast pump reviews if you wonder what type of breast pump that suits your need. I hope this article you will find it insightful and help you make the right choice.

For breastfeeding moms, one very important thing we all must have is to invest in a good breast pump. A good breast pump may ensure good consistent milk yield, sufficient supply for babies consumption, no medical complication to the mother, and a HAPPY baby definitely.

Spectra S1 breast pump reviews

There are many kind of breast pump in the market. How to choose the best one? or may i rephrase it as the RIGHT one for you. There is no such thing as the best one (the best one means it suits everyone’s need flawlessly and effortlessly) but finding a suitable one that works fine for you is a headache.

Let me share with you an electric breast pump that i like and it is a good pump that works for me and it can be one of the breast pump choice for your selection and consideration during your purchase.

Spectra S1 – Product description

Product name: Spectra S1 single/double electric breast pump

Place to buy : Amazon.com

Country of Origin: South Korea

Product weight : 2.47 pounds

Product size : 7.9 x 7.9 x 6.7 inches

Product Overview

This is what i like about Spectra S1 electric breast pump. It is a single or double hospital grade breast pump, with inbuilt rechargeable battery available. This breast pump is heavy duty pump. It is powerful, able to gain good milk yield from every pumping time.

It comes with customize setting. There are massage modes (let-down mode), up to 5 suction levels to suit our body response and expression mode, up to 12 different suction level from 0 – 300mmHg, cycle speed between 38 – 54rpm. This pump is designed with vibration mode when it operates before the long deep suction happen. It is to mimic babies sucking during the real nursing time, you will find yourself comfortable this way.

Automatic switch off after 30 minutes of pumping, so there will be no problem of over pumping. It also comes with 2 light modes, where it is enable you to pump at night and adjust the pump setting without having to switch on your bedroom light.

It is using closed pumping system ( equipped with back flow protectors), you do not have to worry about the breast milk retain in the tubing and cause contamination of bacteria in your expressed milk. The back flow protectors prevent the air flow between the expressed milk and pump tubing during pumping time, no contact of your express milk with the breast pump.  You still get clean tubing after each pumping and it is more hygienic.

Spectra S1 has come with inbuilt rechargeable battery. After getting full charge from the main power supply, you can have your pump on-the-go without having to recharge for up to 3 days.

This breast pump operates with very little noise, even though it is a powerful pump, you may expect a loud pumping noise which can easily wake up your little one during your midnight pumping time. You will be amazed on how quiet it is with such a powerful pump and the noise level is only about 45-50 decibels ( sound level almost like whispering in the library).

As for the cleaning part, since it is a closed system, you just need to wash the flanges and the bottles. No worry on cleaning the tubing as the expressed milk will not flow back into the tubing. Thanks to the back flow protectors!


Here is the benefits of the Spectra S1 breast pump, i have summarized them for your convenience.

  • Hospital grade single/double breast pump, perform very well with powerful pumping to gain good milk yield and able to empty breast efficiently.
  • Closed pumping system, no cross contamination of expressed milk to the breast pump – it is more hygienic and you can share your pump with others too.
  • Mimic babies suckling which will make you feel comfortable using it.
  • Adjustable pump strength and cycle speed to suit your body.
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery. You just need to charge your breast pump once for couples of days. It is good-to-go breast pump.
  • Come with light modes, you can pump at any times any where.
  • Bulky in size but it is very light, weigh only less than 3 pounds.
  • Super quiet pump – you can pump at any time without people noticing it.
  • Auto switch off after 30 minutes of pumping time.
  • Easy to assemble and cleaning.


  1. The size of the breast pump is bulky. Therefore, you need a bigger breast pump bag for it.
  2. The milk bottles supplied with the Spectra S1 have come with much lower quality. The volume scale can be easily worn off in less than a month.Spectra S1 breast pump reviews
  3. Flange supplied in this package is usually standard size of 24mm.  Therefore, it may not be suitable for each of you. If you need other flange size such as 20mm, 28mm and 32mm, you need to purchase separately.

Storage bottles or storage bags that connect well with Spectra S1

There are some bottles which are wide-necked and able to connect well with Spectra S1 flanges. Here are some examples,

  1. Philip Avent breast milk container.
  2. Nenesupply collection storage bottle
  3. Maymom storage collection bottle

There are also storage bags you can use while pumping using Spectra S1 with special designed adapters.  Storage bags such as Lansinoh and Nuk can be used to store your expressed milk by using an adapter connected to the wide mouth flange.


Well, this is a great electric single/double breast pump you can invest especially to first time moms who wish to :

  • breastfeed your babies for a longer period of time (more than 2 years).
  • maintain your supply with consistent pumping
  • exclusive breastfeeding your babies
  • also suitable for working moms, inbuilt rechargeable battery enable you to pump anywhere at any time.

Share your thought about Spectra S1 breast pump reviews in the comment box below, we would love to hear from you.

Happy reading.

Spectra S1




Easy to use


Replenishment of faulty part



  • Heavy duty pump - hospital grade
  • Good yield and able to empty breast efficiently
  • Close pumping system - no contamination of bacteria


  • Bulky in size-need bigger breast pump bag
  • Limited flange size
  • Bottles with volume scale easily worn off

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