4 Sensory Activities for Infants 6 to 12 months old You Can Try at Home: Parenting Hack

You can help with their exploration with these sensory activities for infants you can try at home. Starting on your baby’s sixth month, they grow from a helpless newborn to a babbling little explorer. Your baby may crawl, push up to a sitting position, or even attempt to walk during the second half of their first year.

As their senses develop, they become more curious about the world around them. They would try to touch, smell, or taste what they see or just about anything they become curious about.

In case you missed it, here are baby sensory activities for 0-3 months.

Sensory Basket

Here’s an easy-to-prepare activity for your baby’s sensory development. Place different toys and everyday objects inside a basket or box. Little hands may find curiosity in the texture of a wicker basket, but any container would do. You can mix toys, such as blocks and rattles in different shapes and textures, with baby-safe household items. A handful of rice in a Ziplock bag, loofah, bath brush, baby comb, and baby utensils can be placed inside the basket. It’s also a good way to teach different shapes and colors.

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Jello Treasure Hunt

What happens when you put your baby’s favorite toys and jello together? It’s a yummy and messy treasure hunt.

In a clean rectangular plastic container, place some of your baby’s favorite toys. Pick those that are waterproof and have no small removable parts. You can also use slices of fruits. Pour the jello over the toys. You can use plain jello or colorful ones, as long as the toys are still visible. You can sweeten the jello and add vanilla. Once the jello sets, present it to your child and let the fun begin. Allow your little ones to use their hands and get messy.

Edible Sand

Babies have different reactions when they first encounter sand. Some find it iffy while others enjoy the tiny prickles on their skin. Playing in the sandbox and creating sandcastles are fun, but curious little ones between 6 to 12 months like to taste anything that’s fun. Make playtime in the sandbox safe by using edible sand.

Sit your baby in a sandbox, a plastic container, or a big basin. Make sure it’s big enough to have some space to move around. To create your edible sand, mix breadcrumbs, crushed graham crackers, and oatmeal. Put a few handfuls of sand in the container and watch your baby’s reaction. If they are curious or get excited, pour in the rest of the edible sand and give him a little shovel too.

Don’t have a lot of space? You can put your dry mixture in a bowl or a wide plate instead.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Rattles are great toys to entertain our babies in their early months. As they grow, they will become curious about how things make sounds. Encourage their curiosity by showing them how to distinguish among the sounds of different objects.

To do this, prepare a few empty plastic bottles. Put rice, colored pasta, uncooked beans, pebbles, and water inside the bottles. Seal the caps with glue to make sure they wouldn’t come off. Now, your baby can discover how objects of varying sizes and shapes make sounds. They can watch how the contents move as they shake, rattle, and roll the bottles and hear the sounds they produce.

Final Words on Sensory Activities for Infants

Preparing sensory activities for babies teaches them how to use their senses in learning about the world they live in. These activities also develop their fine motor skills, orientation skills, and auditory discrimination.

As a parent, your role is not only to supervise to make sure they are safe during playtime. You can also use these activities to bond with them. You can also witness how their curiosity turns into a discovery that fosters their growth and intelligence.

We play a big role in our children’s life. As we heal in the postpartum period, we also have to ensure they are equipped with what they need to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. Have you tried any of these DIY sensory activities for babies? Or if we miss anything, could you share what we missed in the comment section below?

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