Uninvolved parenting affects children

Uninvolved Parenting Affects Children

Uninvolved parenting affects children later in life. Being one of the 4 main parenting styles include authoritarian, authoritative, and permissive, uninvolved parenting is the 4th …

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Best gifts for Christmas

Best Gifts for Christmas

HO HO HO….”Merry Christmas” everybody. Best gifts for Christmas exclusively brings you 6 gifts ideas for children 7 years old and under. If you are …

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Early childhood toys

Early Childhood Toys

Nowadays our children have plenty of early childhood toys to choose from in the market and it is quite a challenge for parents to figure …

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how to calm a crying baby

How to calm a crying baby

All newborns cry and get fussy. Believe it or not, it’s normal. The cries can last for two to three hours a day, especially in …

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Sex after childbirth

Sex after Childbirth

Having a baby is a life-changing moment. With all the exhaustion and long sleepless nights, sex might be the very last thing in their minds. Eventually, …

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A baby development chart

A Baby Development Chart

A baby development chart is basically a simple guide (generally apply to healthy full-term babies), on what to expect in terms of developmental milestones during …

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Breastfeeding a newborn

Breastfeeding a Newborn

Breastfeeding a newborn is the very first thing every new mom would learn after a baby is born. It is an essential skill to learn, …

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Temper tantrums in toddlers

Temper Tantrums in Toddlers

Temper tantrums are common in toddlers between 1 – 3 years old. Their social and emotional skills are still developing or have only begun developing …

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Baby gear for new dads

Baby gear for new dads

Anyone can be a father one day and we tend to “forget” about the important role of a father in the family especially in childcare. …

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Why babies can't have honey

Why Can’t babies have honey

Honey is a sweet, viscous food substance collected from beehives and it is one of the common foods for human consumption. Honey is widely used …

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