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Every baby will live with diapers for as long as 3 years after birth. I …

Online shopping for baby diapers

Every baby will live with diapers for as long as 3 years after birth. I will be sharing about online shopping for baby diapers, a simple guide to new parents how to choose baby diapers and why this piece of information is important before you purchase them. It is a long 3 years; involve in money investment, we have to spend it wisely.

There are two type of diapers. Disposable diapers and cloth diapers. They both have their pros and cons. Cloth diapers have been in existence since long time ago. Nowadays, the cloth diapers have been evolved with better design, material, and give us much better convenience.

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Introduction about baby diapers

Baby diaper is a type of underwear that allows baby to pee or poop without the use of a toilet. It helps to absorb and prevent the feces to escape to outer clothing and environment. Therefore, when the diaper is wet or soiled, it needs to be changed by a parent or a caregiver.

Baby diapers are basically made of cloth which is reusable and washable or disposable materials which contain chemical absorbent, can be disposed off after use.

Cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are made of industrial cotton or other natural fibre such as wool, hemp and bamboo. Some man-made materials are used as internal obsorbent or outer waterproofing layer. Previously, the cloth diaper is just a piece of rectangular shape cloth, folded around the baby’s waist and secure with a safety pin.

Nowadays, the design of cloth diapers has changed more like a disposable diaper, fastened with hook and velcro or snaps. They are sewn with outer waterproof exterior, with absorbent insert such as a disposable liner or fleece liner to contain the mess and for easy cleaning.

These diapers are reusable, washable and more economic. Babies will not get agitated due to in contact with synthetic materials and chemical absorbent as some babies do when they wear disposable diapers.

Online shopping for baby diapers

The downside is you need to do lot’s of washing as you need to replace the liner or diaper once it is wet and it can be little daunting during the cleaning up. But frankly speaking, these are more economic and more environment friendly to use for long term.

It is totally up to the parents, and depends on the situation. Some parents use both, cloth and disposable diapers in combination. If you prefer to have disposable diapers only for your child when travelling, or at child care, or during bedtime. It is really up to your convenience.

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Disposable diapers

Disposable diapers can be found in both resealable tape or pant diaper (for order kids). Modern disposable diapers are constructed in layers of fabric to help transfer and distribute urine to an absorbent core. The absorbent core contains superabsorbent polymer to contain urine where it is locked in, to prevent the baby skin in contact with urine and keep skin dry for longer hours.

Some disposable diapers come with wetness indicator. Again, it is a type of chemical included in the fabric to show color change when in contact with urine. The purpose is to let the caregiver know when to change diaper.

Online shopping for baby diapers

Some disposable diapers come with fragrance or essential oil to help mask the smell if soiled and to protect the skin. It is easy to handle, just keep dry when it is still new. After soiled, just clean your baby bottom with wipes, place dirty wipes together with soiled diaper, fold it and throw to the dustbin.

The downside of using disposable diapers can be due to the chemical used in making the diapers which may cause discomfort to certain babies.

Online shopping for baby diapers

I have chosen 6 baby diapers in the market you can buy online, which they are commonly seen. I will analyze these few brands of baby diapers here below and their pros and cons. This information may be true for certain babies and may not true for your baby, as every baby is different. Let’s treat this information as a simple guide to help you make decision in buying any of these brand baby diapers online.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation baby diaper

  • For baby with sensitive skin
  • Absorbent core is not bleached or processed with chemical containing chlorine
  • 0% paraben, fragrance, lotion
  • made of sustainably harvested plant based pulps
  • Product certification by FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council ), support responsible forestry, helping keep forests healthy for future generations.


  1. It is made of eco friendly material, no worry about baby getting irritated because of the chemicals used in the making of the diaper.
  2. Suitable for sensitive skin.


  1. Some parents found that it cannot hold much, will leak even though it is not full.
  2. There are cases where the absorbent gel leak out and make a mess on the baby and hard to clean up.
  3. Expensive and less absorbency


Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers

  • Triple Leakguards to help stop leaks
  • Nightlock Technology locks away wetness for up to 12 hours of overnight protection
  • Secure & Stretchy Sides With Comfy Leak Barrier Cuffs
  • Wetness Indicator turns blue when wet
  • No Parabens, No Latex* *Natural Rubber


  1. More affordable and budget baby diaper
  2. Hypoallergenic
  3. Wetness indicator when wet to alert new parents when your baby need a change
  4. Nightlock technology can help your baby skin stay dry for up to 12 hours


  1. Some parents claimed that the material felt like flimsy, and not as soft as other brand.
  2. The diaper is thinner than other brand and may have noticeable scent present on the diaper (which most parents do not like!)
  3. Some parents still found that this diaper does not hold blowout and it leaks.


  1. Huggies Special Delivery Hypoallergenic Baby Diapers
  • Hypoallergenic & Dermotologist Tested ā€“ Made with plant-based* materials including sugar cane.
  • Newborn sizes include an umbilical cord cutout to protect healing belly buttons
  • Soft-to-the-touch, breathable outer layer provides maximum air flow to help keep baby’s skin dry
  • Leak Lock system locks away moisture for up to 12 hours, and a breathable
  • Soft-to-the-touch outer layer provides maximum breathability
  • Wetness indicator changes color when wet
Online shopping for baby diapers

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  1. It is soft, clinically proven hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested
  2. Stylist design
  3. NB size can hold up to 4.5kg.
  4. No harsh chemicals / ingredients, gentle to baby’s skin
  5. good leakage protection


  1. Expensive
  2. Small group of parents found this diaper cannot hold the urine and leak due to the size which do not fit the baby probably

2. Huggies Little Snugglers Baby Diapers

  • Hypoallergenic, fragrance free, lotion free, paraben free, and free of elemental chlorine & natural rubber latex
  • Huggies GentleAbsorb Liner protects baby’s skin by pulling the mess away
  • Pocketed Back Waistband contains the mess and helps prevent diaper blowouts
  • Leak Lock System helps eliminate leaks for up to 12 hours of long lasting protection
  • Wetness indicator changes color when it’s time for a diaper change


  • It is cheaper option from Huggies brand
  • Good customer feedback after using it
  • Size 1 can fit baby up to 6 kg
  • Hypoallergenic, suitable for baby with sensitive skin
  • Good absorbency
  • It has belly button cut out
  • It is soft, breathable to keep baby’s skin dry and healthy


  • Small group of babies experience rashes and parents thought it may be due to the solvent like odor in certain batch of product
  • Some parents still found it leaks and maybe due to certain batches of product


  1. Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers
  • Heart Quilts liner provide softest comfort ever, while pulling wetness and mess away
  • Air Channels allows air to reach baby’s skin to help keep them dry and comfortable
  • Wetness indicator lets you know when your baby might need a change
  • Umbilical Cord Notch contoured fit protects baby’s delicate belly (Sizes Nā€“2)


  1. Lockaway channel to keep baby’s skin dry and healthy
  2. It is soft, breathable to allow baby’s skin to stay dry
  3. It is hypoallergenic and free of parabens and latex
  4. Wetness indicator to alert parents when your baby need a change
  5. Umbilical Cord Notch* provides a perfectly contoured fit that protects their delicate belly
  6. Hospital no.1 choice


  1. Some parents found the material residue will stick on baby’s skin
  2. Some parents brought the diaper which have some product defects, leaking absorbent, faulty fastener etc
  3. Some parents dislike the smell of the diaper (smell like overpowering of baby powder)
  4. Small group of babies experience rashes

2.Pampers Pure Protection Disposable Baby Diapers

  • Hypoallergenic and free of chlorine bleaching, fragrance, parabens, and latex* (*Natural rubber)
  • Locks away wetness from skin up to 12 hours
  • Made of cotton, soft outer cover and good breathability
  • Pampers reassuring Wetness Indicator 
  • Absorbent plant-based liner. Plant-based and polypropylene fiber, enriched with shea butter to help protect baby’s skin


  1. Similar quality of Pampers Swaddlers
  2. It has absorbent which is plant based liner, enriched with shea butter to help protect baby’s skin
  3. Made with totally chlorine-free fluff pulp, mineral-based odor absorber, and super absorbent polymer for up to 12 hours of dryness.
  4. Made for softness and breathability with premium cotton, polypropylene, polyethylene, and a polyester blend. The diaper prints made with inks that do not use disperse dyes.
  5. Wetness indicator comes with a pH-sensitive strip that changes colors 


  1. Some parents found there are lint/fibers material from the diaper that stick on baby’s skin
  2. Some parents still found it leaks, cannot hold much urine, not for overnight option
  3. Some babies have rashes


Product featureSeventh GenerationLuvsHuggies
Special delivery
Huggies Little SnugglersPampers SwaddlersPampers Pure
Leak proof*NA3.*NA
The above rating is based on 1-5. (1 is lowest rating & 5 is the best). The rating is derived from customer review Amazon
*NA = not enough data


There are many other brands of baby diapers selling online, which are either worse or better than these brands i highlighted here.

Anyhow, based on the research of the real user experience from Amazon, Huggies Little Snugglers and Pampers Swaddlers are meeting most parent’s choices with similar quality and at affordable price of around USD 0.20 /count.

Every baby will be different, the one which is right for others may not work on ours. Get a right one for your baby and make sure it fits your baby well (get the right size), good absorbency, no leak out and not causing rashes on baby’s skin. The price must also equivalent with the quality and affordable in long term.

Also, keep in mind when you purchase disposable baby diapers online.

  1. Read the review carefully
  2. Always buy a small pack to try on your baby first before buying in bulk.
  3. Look for trusted seller online, some may send you wrong items, or used items or items with defect. Beware.

I hope you enjoy reading my article. Happy reading!

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