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What a stay home mom can do to make a living? I will be sharing …

Online job for stay home moms (my story)

What a stay home mom can do to make a living? I will be sharing with you,  simple steps to build online job for stay home moms. If you are a stay-home-mom and wonder what you can do, this is the article written just for YOU.

Is there the end of the world after been away from working environment for years? The answer is NO.  I do not believe it is the end of the world because we create our own faith. Well, there are many other options out there but I finally asked myself how about making money online? Let me share with you my journey ended in affiliate marketing- my online business and i hope you will find my post useful and get inspired.

Online job for stay home moms

The next thing that come across my mind is HOW? How to get started, where to find all the resources I want, what kind of business I can do? I have no experience in this field and there are so many questions have popped up in my mind which nobody is there to help me answering those questions. I was confused but i sit in front of my computer and started to search for the information that i want from Udemy and other training platforms. After my thorough research, I found Wealthy Affiliate (WA), a legitimate online affiliate marketing platform.

It provides me 7 days free training and build my very first website. Oh ya, you hear me right. It is free for 7 days trial.  I was fascinated and thrilled as I said I want to give myself a try. If i do not like it, i will just quit. 7 days are enough to judge WA is legitimate and whether it is worth to invest.

Online job for stay home moms -why are they suitable for us?

Let me briefly explain what is affiliate marketing. A way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals ( like me) or companies (“affiliates”) who market the company’s products for a commission. Basically you need to build a website, create good quality content in your website and start earning money. I will talk more details later in the article how to go about it.  Read on.

WA is an affiliate marketing platform provides very exclusive and comprehensive training to their members. They offer 7 days free training about building your online business with affiliate marketing. They are never stingy in giving information to you in the first 7 days, one-to-one couching and we are given 2 free websites to develop.

At first, I was reluctant to sign up. What happened if the cost is too high and I won’t be able to afford after day 7? No obligation and commitment. You can choose to be discontinued or to carry on with premium membership. Finally, I sign up as a starter member and undergo the training from day 1 to day 7. You know what, I got my very first website up and running before the day 7.

Let me explain what is Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is all about and why stay home moms can trust it to build your online business. It means that working from home, how wonderful it is.

Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

WA is a training platform in affiliate marketing owned by Kyle Loudoun and his business partner Carson Lim. They created WA in 2005 and have been in this digital marketing for 13 years to help hundreds of thousands of people building their online business successfully. They offer 4 main training course about affiliate marketing with about 160 separate lessons consist of videos and about 1500 words text.

These courses are mainly conducted by Kyle himself, he makes it easier to understand and follow for the newbies and for those who have no knowledge on digital world like me. Carson is more to the development of the back end technologies and supports.

They own a keyword research tool specifically designed for affiliate marketing called Jaaxy. Let’s have an overview what you will get after you have become their premium member.

Training modules overview

Level 1 – getting started

This is the preliminary lessons offered to the members on how to:

  • choose your niche ( interest)
  • build website from WordPress
  • learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • create engaging website content
  • research for targeted keywords for ranking in the search engines

By the time you have finished Level 1, your website is up and running. For 7 days free trial, you can access to limited training course but once you have upgraded to premium membership, you can access to all the training lessons and technical supports offered by them.

Level 2 – Getting traffic

Next level of training will provide you tons of information regarding:

  • purchase of domain name ( like your company brand)
  • detailed on targeting SEO keywords
  • search for images or other media to support your content
  • able to post your website to seek for comment/feedback from qualified marketer ( website improvement)
  • set up email address related to your domain
  • increase your productivity and produce more quality content related to your niche

Level 3 – Generating an income

This level of training will guide you how to monetize from your website.

  • learn about “customer purchase lifecycle”
  • Add affiliate link into your blog post
  • find affiliate offers (example, amazon.com)
  • learn how to leverage from product review posts
  • monetize your website from Google Ads
  • learn how to use Google Analytics to check on traffics

Level 4 – Leverage Social Media

This level of training will guide you how to promote your blog post from social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. This is also important that you may need to attract traffics from the social media platform besides getting organic traffics from other search engines.

Level 5 – Improve your content writing

This level of training will teach you how to write engaging and quality contents which are crucial in this business model. It is to attract a group of followers for your online business.

When you finish the whole training modules, you are able to do affiliate marketing and learn how to monetize it. What you need to invest are the cost of membership annually and lot’s of time and effort to create engaging blog posts/ articles to build your business.

WA community

Besides the training modules for basic understanding, there are some technical and non technical problem you will face along the way of creating your website. One of the best things that WA offers a huge community which consists of successful affiliate marketers to help us in solving our problem almost instantly.

Live chat is available 24/7. These successful marketers will be sharing their experience and private training on other topics which are useful in affiliate marketing as well. We can access to their articles and training easily.

WA team supports are doing tremendous job and attending our request instantly, day and night.


What is your budget to set up a business? Here what I am talking about is just a yearly membership subscription and get all the hassles away. Website support and protection from hackers are well taken care of. The course content and other benefits you can access the link here. It is always the best for you to find out more. Every individual is different and have their own expectations. Here is the table showing the summary of the cost.

Yearly subscription will get us more discounts- about USD30/month.

Legitimate online job for stay-home-mom


What I need to highlight here is NO shortcut to success. Only hard work will gain rewards. Do not expect to get rich overnight. It is not a get rich fast scheme but more to step by step setting up your online business- a long term business.

To all the stay home moms, let’s create miracles and do not undermine yourself. Learn the skill and put it into action. You will see the result with your hard work and determination.

Start  HERE to begin your online journey now.

I hope this article “Online job for stay home moms” is insightful to you and please share it with your friends.

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Good luck to you!

Happy reading!

Legitimate online job for stay-home-mom

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