online job for stay home mom

Online job for stay home moms (my story)

What a stay home mom can do to make a living? Well, there is many other options but I finally I asked myself how about making money online? The next thing that come across my mind is HOW? How to start, where to find all the resources I want, what kind of business I can do? I have no experience and so many questions have popped up. I was confused and puzzled and I started to search for the information from Udemy and other training platforms. After my thorough research, I found Wealthy Affiliate (WA), an online affiliate marketing platform.Puzzled mind

It provides me 7 days free training and build my very first website. I was fascinated and thrilled as I said I want to give myself a try. There you are! Reading my post now and I hope you find my post is useful and be inspired.

Let me share with you about my journey ended in affiliate marketing.



Let me briefly explain what is affiliate marketing. A way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals ( like me) or companies (“affiliates”) who market the company’s products for a commission.

WA is an affiliate marketing platform provides very exclusive and comprehensive training to their members. They offer 7 days free training about building your online business with affiliate marketing. They are never stingy in giving information to you in the first 7 days, one-to-one couching and we are given 2 free websites to develop. At first, I was reluctant to sign up. What happened if the cost is too high and I won’t be able to afford after day 7? No obligation and commitment. You can choose to be discontinued or to carry on with premium membership. Finally, I sign up as a starter member and undergo the training from day 1 to day 7. You know what, I got my very first website up and running before the day 7.


Next step-premium member

The first month for premium member is USD19. I struggled and excited too because I want to know MORE. However, I struggle because I am afraid it may be a scam. After reading the post by the various WA members then I finally made the decision to continue.

I love it and I want to learn more from them. I ended up joining their premium membership, up to present, no regret at all. I love the training given by them, step by step and is super easy to understand. Their webinar given by their qualified super affiliates are superb. Their support team which can solve your website problem within hours. There are also thousands of WA super affiliates and experts in live chat where you can find help and get solution immediately. They support each other as a WA community and that is the best part.


Practical experience

There is a step by step training video in every lesson. Just follow the Instructions given. Only premium member has the full access of more exciting training program and benefits. The first 7 days are the basic training and get your website setup.

I will like to share with you what i gain after joining this training. I own my first domain name, choose my niches and write content to get google ranking and get traffics. I learn the marketing in the later part. You can access to other WA members live chat and blog post everyday. There are testimonials about how they become successful In the online world. You can comment and look at how other members are doing in their website and get inspired. There are still plenty of training available which I have not gone through as it takes time. Learning is a continuous process. There is always new trainings, new webinars and new benefits provided in this community from time to time. If you wish to continue, you have to be their premium member to access to them.



What is your budget to set up a business? Here what I am talking about is just a yearly membership subscription and get all the hassles away. Website support and protection from hackers are well taken care of. The course content and other benefits you can access the link here. It is always the best for you to find out more. Every individual is different and have their own expectations. Here is the link you can get access to the summary of the cost. Yearly subscription will get us more discounts- about USD30/month.


What I need to highlight here is NO shortcut to success. Only hard work will gain rewards. Do not expect to get rich overnight. It is not a get rich fast scheme but more to step by step setting up your online business- a long term business.

To all the stay home moms, let’s create miracles and do not undermine yourself. Every hardwork will pay eventually.

Good luck to you!


Happy reading.

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