10 Amazing Mother’s Day Movies to Watch This Year

May is fast approaching and this means we need to prepare something for our moms. Your mom might have already said what she wants for Mother’s Day, but still, it doesn’t hurt to plan something else for her as well. Get couped up and spend the holiday’s weekend with your mom and do a movie marathon with these amazing movies about moms. Here are our top Mother’s Day Movies you shouldn’t miss.

#1: Turning Red, 2022

Turning Red is about a teenager who transforms into a gigantic red panda whenever she experiences powerful emotions, and it’s a film that the whole family will love. But, at its core, it’s about the relationships between mothers and daughters, and how they affect those feelings.

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#2: The Lost Daughter, 2021

The Lost Daughter is based on a novel by Elana Ferrante and depicts the story of Leda Caruso, a middle-aged academic who goes on a single vacation. When she meets a young mother and her family on the beach, she is forced to confront her own feelings about parenthood.

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#3: Mother’s Day, 2016

The title itself suggests that this is absolutely on point for the occasion. Mother’s Day is a story about a single mom who learns that her ex-husbands is about to marry a younger woman, a fitness freak woman who refuses to tell her parents that she has a family, a widower guy who tries to raise his two daughters on his own, and a single woman who is too busy choosing her career over having children. The intersecting lives of these four people over a crazy week leading up to the Mother’s Day gives a new meaning to the holiday.

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#4: Dumplin’, 2018

This coming-of-age comedy film is based on a young adult novel of the same title by Julie Murphy. The story is about the plus-size teenager Willowdean who enters the local pageant as a protest against her ex-beauty queen mother, and unintentionally ignites a body-positive revolution in her small Texas town, teaching her mother a lesson along the way.

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Mother's day movies

#5: Mamma Mia, 2008

This movie was released 14 years ago, and still one of the best and an absolute must-watch! It’s a musical romantic comedy film based on Catherine Johnson’s book from 1999 musical of the same title. The movie is about an independent hotelier in the Greek islands who enlists the help of two old friends to plan her daughter’s wedding. Meanwhile, her daughter bride devised a strategy. She invites three men from her mother’s past to her wedding in the hopes of meeting her biological father and having him lead her down the aisle.

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#6: Because I Said So, 2007

This is another movie that was released more than a decade ago, but still worthy to be on this list. The story is about Daphne Wilder, a proud mom of three women—Millie, Maggie, and Mae. As Millie, her youngest, always ends up with the wrong man, she decides to take the matter in her hands by placing an online personal ad for Millie which ends up in a disaster.

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#7: The Blind Side, 2009

Based on a true story, The Blind Side’s story revolves around the homeless black teenager Michael Oher who eventually became a phenomenal football player—thanks to his adoptive parents, Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy. Although, Leigh Anne’s role as Michael’s adoptive mom played a huge part for Michael to end up successful. This movie is oozing with feelings of a mom who only wants the best for her children.

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#8: Mother, 2009

Unlike the feel-good movies mentioned previously, this South Korean film is a thriller from the same director behind the award-winning movie, Parasite. Nonetheless, this also depicts how far mother’s love could go. The story is about a woman who becomes a detective and placed the law in her hands when her mentally challenged son was accused of murder due to circumstantial evidences and sloppy police investigation.

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#9: Georgia Rule, 2007

This might be old, but it surely depicts just how generations of moms and daughters can be complicated sometimes. When moms cannot take their daughters anymore, they run to their own moms to discipline the child, which most of the time works. Georgia Rule is about a rebellious teenager whose mom has had enough of her and turns to her estranged grandmother for help.

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#10: The Joy Luck Club, 1993

This is the oldest movie on this list, but surely you wouldn’t want to miss it. Based on Amy Tan’s novel of the same name, this movie depicts the complicated relationships between moms and daughters, and the inherent bond that never ceases between them despite the generational and cultural conflicts. A great movie if you also want to explore how Asian motherhood works.

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Another way to self-care is also making sure to spend some time with your mom this Mother’s Day. Surely, she’ll appreciate it more than anything else. So grab your popcorn and favorite wine, snuggle up and stream these movies for an ultimate Mom’s Day celebration.

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