Jobs for stay home moms

My name is Jessie. I am a Chinese Malaysian who comes from the land of Borneo. I am also a stay home mom taking care of a little toddler, Abby. Here I am to share with you my story about jobs for stay home moms that you can do which I hope can give you some inspiration to move on.

My background

In the first couple of years being a stay home mom, I was really busy taking care of the little baby, Abby. I have got no time for myself and do things that I like. Of course, we can have other options which is to hire a nanny to assist us or send her off to Nursery and let them do the job for us. Then we can go back to work again, sound perfect arrangement right? Actually, it is myself who decide to be a stay home mom because I will not live regret by missing my kid’s childhood. Provided that you do not have any problem financially, of course.


One of the famous jobs is related to your hobbies. Example sewing, cooking, gardening, drawing, social networking, make up, playing musical instrument and many more. One of the example I would like to share with you is about gardening. Ever come across growing vegetable using hydroponics farming systems?

It is easy to set up and people are doing it to grow healthy vegetable for own consumption as well as commercial purpose. It is fun and you take care of your plant/ veggie as if you are taking care of your babies- see them grow from a little seed to an edible plant. Wow! Does it sound amazing if these readily harvested plant/veggie from your backyard are giving out to your friends or relatives as a gift?

It is a good choice of a gift to foster relationship, isn’t it nice? Well, it can be a source of income if you have a connection in the supply and demand chain network. Start from small scale. When you are really good at this and you have a plenty of spaces, you can do it for commercial purposes.

Social networking

Some of us are creative in nature. You can share your hobbies and make them a creative ones and put them up on social media. Example, you can put up your cooking, your kids life, drawing, craft making..anything that you enjoy doing and share them online. Youtube do pay us good money if our video hits certain target views.

Jobs for stay home moms

If you like reading and writing, there is a platform called Wealthy Affiliate program which teaches us to build website and publish your blog or post and you know what, can eventually earn some passive income.

Part time teacher

Being a language teacher, does it sound like a good idea? You can teach kids any subject that you are good at. Language, mathematics, science, art, musical instrument and so on. You only spend two hours a lesson each day or three times a week for example and earn some money. Some tuition centers do offer part-time teacher job and they supply all the teaching materials. What you need to do is to teach and be paid by hours of teaching or as per mutual agreement between the tuition center and you.

Sales woman

If you have connection between supplier and buyers, you can sell your merchandise online. Clothing, skincare, anythings you can get which are good quality and cost-efficient. Build your network online and put up your products at the social media and earn some money. You can do it at home definitely.

Another option is promoting product or services such as life insurance or venture into MLM (multi level marketing) business. There are many MLM company out there. Choose a trustworthy and come with a good reputation MLM company and join as authorized Distributor. There are people doing MLM business and not making any money but what is important is we must be faithful to the customers. Selling them good quality products and give after sale services. I am sure if you become a trustworthy person known by other people, your business will be a successful one.


Stay home mom can have many choices of jobs. I just list down a few that are ever come across my mind. Plan it properly and think deeply what are you going to achieve in the future. Going back to work after few years being a stay home mom is just not easy. Why not give those ideas a thought and start moving towards your goal. We just need to have motivation and support from our loves one. I believe we will be having our own bright future ahead.

I have also written about online jobs for stay home moms. Click on the link to access to this article.

Drop me any comment if you have any. I will be very glad to answer them here.

Happy reading!

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