Diaper rash remedies

When you see your baby skin has shown patches of redness around the diaper area, it is most likely your baby has got a diaper rash condition. Diaper rash remedies is important lesson-to-learn for all the new parents to recognize diaper rash and learn how to prevent it. In this article, there will be 5 diaper rashes remedies you can use to prevent and treat diaper rash. It is common to see babies develop redness and inflamed red spots around the diaper area and there are higher tendency of having it as long as they are still wearing diapers days and nights.

As for the first time parents, it maybe a bit daunting to deal with it. No worry, once you understand how it happens, you will manage to prevent it. Let’s get started!

Diaper rash remedies

Diaper rash

It is also commonly known as nappy rash. It is a skin condition with redness and inflammation which is developed due to the prolong exposure to moisture caused by the mixture of feces and urine or sweat trapped in the diaper. When the urine mixes with bacteria from baby’s feces, it increases the pH of the skin (due to ammonia) and irritate baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.

If baby has frequent bowel movements or diarrhea, more tendency they will have diaper rash.

It is important for new parents to identify the type of rashes your little one has. Diaper rash can be seen on the skin surface and skin folds near the diaper area. Less severe one may appear as patches of red spots in small area. If you do not treat it immediately, it can be extensive with red bumps that spread out to child’s thigh and tummy.

The diaper rash is caused by the moisture trapped in the diapers which make it easier for the bacteria and yeast infection to take place.

What cause diaper rash?

It is important for new parents to know what is causing your little one’s diaper rash, so that you have a better chance to prevent it. Here are the most common causes.

  • Prolonged skin contact with moisture
  • Reaction to the certain food
  • Sensitive to chemicals / dye used in the diaper or detergent
  • Children under antibiotics medication

Prolonged skin contact with moisture

Babies tend to develop diaper rash if you do not change their diapers very often. Due to warm and moisture trapped in the diaper for long time, bacteria or yeast infection may happen easily.

There is no significant different between babies with disposable diapers and cloth diaper in developing rash.

Some disposable diapers are manufactured with super absorbent materials called synthetic non biodegradable gel to keep the little bottom dry for long hours. It can absorb the moisture as long as 10 -12 hours or more. What i suggest is to check on your little one diapers every 1-2 hourly and frequent change (even it is not wet) can curb the rash.

Cloth diapers nowadays also have a layer of super absorbent microfiber cloth placed in the inner layer to pull the moisture away. And again, it is better to change them often than leave the soiled diaper for long period of time, can help curb the rash.

Reaction to certain food

Diaper rash also can be affected by baby reaction to certain food. It is common for some babies to experience diaper rash when they start solid food. Fully breastfed baby may be less prone to diaper rash due to their only food is breast milk.

Change in baby diet from breast milk to formula and later to solid food may increase the tendency of baby diaper rash. Why? Change of diet also may affect their bowel movements. Increase of bowel movements or diarrhea will likely to increase chances of getting diaper rash.

Sometimes certain food such as fruit juices may have an effect on the stool composition. If your baby experience diaper rash after eating such food, stop taking it for few days and monitor her skin condition.

Sensitive to chemicals / dye used in the diaper or detergent

Some babies is sensitive to certain brand of disposable diapers. It is mainly because the diapers contain dye or other chemicals that irritate your baby’s skin.

Detergent used for washing cloth diapers may contain chemicals or fragrances which is sensitive to baby’s skin. Use only baby safe laundry detergent.

Sometimes, cream or lotion or tarc powder you apply during diaper changing times may also irritate baby’s skin. Remember, let the diaper area as dry as possible. The use of cream or lotion or even talcum powder on the area is not necessary.

Diaper rash remedies

Children with antibiotics medication

Babies are more susceptible to diaper rash if they are treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics can kill both good and bad bacteria in their gastrointestinal system which will affect the bowel movement of the baby ( causing diarrhea). Diarrhea can make the baby more prone to diaper rash.

5 diaper rash remedies

No.1 Frequent diaper change

It is the most effective way to prevent diaper rash if the cause of diaper rash is due to prolong skin contact with moisture. Check your baby’s diaper every 1-2 hourly and change the soiled diaper immediately. Check at least twice during the night, keeping baby with soiled diaper throughout the night will likely cause diaper rash.

Diaper rash remedies

No.2 Keep diaper area clean and dry

Every diaper changing time, clean the diaper area with baby safe wet tissues or clean soft cloth. Gently pat it dry before you put on a new diaper. However, if your baby skin has appeared slightly red, use a clean cloth to pat it dry. Use of wet tissue may cause stingy sensation if diaper rash has occurred.

Always make sure, it is nice and dry before you put on a new diaper. The use of talcum powder or lotion on the diaper area is just not necessary.

No. 3 Allow some air time during diaper changing time

During diaper changing time, you may put on a new diaper a bit later. Let your baby has some air time as much as possible. It is possible if both of you at home. Just lay a large towel underneath your baby’s body without diaper and let him/her play. It is better to practice it especially your baby has diaper rash, it will heal faster too.

No. 4 Use diapers with high absorbency

Use diaper which is more gentle to baby’s skin and provide super absorbency to pull away the moisture as much as possible to avoid the skin contact. Even to cloth diaper, use a stay dry liner to help pull away the moisture from the skin, may help to curb diaper rash.

No. 5 Diaper rash cream

To prevent getting diaper rash, apply a thin layer of diaper rash cream as a barrier to prevent the baby’s skin from direct in contact with moisture. If your baby has already suffered from diaper rash, use a diaper rash cream to help to soothe the burning and stingy feeling. Make sure the affected area is clean and dry before you apply on it.

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These 5 diaper rash remedies can be used as a guideline if you want to prevent and treat diaper rash.

If your baby is experiencing more severe rash condition, it could be the yeast diaper rash which often caused by baby with antibiotics medication, or has thrush. Bring your baby to visit a doctor if you see the rash has not improved in 3 days, and they start to spread to larger area (beyond the diaper area) and become bright red and bleed.


Apply these 5 diaper rash remedies can help to prevent and treat diaper rash in 1-3 days. If you do not see any improvement, please visit your doctor for his medical advice.

I hope you find it useful. This article is written to simplify complicated solutions for diaper rash. Just 5 simple diaper rash remedies can overcome your fear about treating baby diaper rash.

Do share your experience about baby diaper rash and how you deal with it in the comment box below.

Happy reading!

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