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There are different ways we can turn play time, quiet time, and bonding time into developmental activities for babies under six months old.

6 Effective Developmental Activities for Babies Under 6 Months Old – A Parenting Hack

We want our child to develop in his or her fullest potential at 6 months. Have you tried any of these developmental activities for babies under 6 months old?

Wonder and excitement fill the first six months after your baby was born. Not just for you, the mom, but also for the little one. Their world expanded after nine months in the womb. Every day is a fresh experience for them, and they absorb everything. Babies learn at their own pace, and it is okay to let them be. As a parent, we are also their first teacher. There are different ways we can turn play time, quiet time, and bonding time into developmental activities for babies under six months old.

Developmental Activities for babies no. 1: Create or Play Music

Babies can hear while inside the womb. That’s how newborns can distinguish their mother’s voice and identify sound patterns they often hear. Play classical music or sing a lullaby to calm your baby to rest or sleep. Sing fun, action songs, during playtime to inspire happiness and excitement. Planning to teach your child multiple languages? Let them listen to nursery rhymes or children’s songs to encourage language acquisition.

Developmental Activities for babies no. 2: Baby Mobile

Putting a mobile on your baby’s crib is a good way to help them learn about shapes, colors, and distance. Keep in mind, though, that babies respond differently to visual stimulation. Some babies get excited and entertained for hours. Others feel relaxed watching the mobile move. Observe your baby to learn how they respond to a baby’s mobile and use it, whether for play or for sleep.

Developmental Activities for babies no. 3: Tummy Time

Between three to six months, most babies can already support their heads or roll on their tummy. Tummy time is an activity that develops your baby’s upper body strength. Starting in their third month, you can help your baby lie on their stomach for a few minutes every day. To do this, bobble your baby on their side, then on their stomach. Observe as your baby tries to reach for toys or try to push up or crawl. Make sure hard toys are nearby where they can bump into when they tire of holding their heads up or they roll on their back.


Developmental Activities for babies no. 4: Bouncer

Bring a lot of giggles during playtime by putting your little one on a bouncer. Most babies like the feeling of bouncing up and down. Some bouncer designs have extra toy bars or mobile attachments. Make sure it is secure before putting your little one to avoid accidents. Or if you’re feel like doing some exercise, support your baby by the armpits and let them bounce away on your leg.

Developmental Activities for babies no. 5: Do the Silly Game

Being a parent means allowing yourself to act silly, make funny faces, or produce weird sounds to entertain a little human. Sure, your rewards come in the form of lots of smiles, giggles, and laughter, but there’s more to this activity than that. Acting silly helps babies develop socialization and communication. This activity teaches them to communicate and express themselves with their facial expressions.

Developmental Activities for babies no. 6: Touch and Feel

The sense of touch is the first sense that develops while the baby is in the womb. When your baby fuzzes about or feels upset, giving them a massage can calm them down. To do this, lay them down on a soft and warm towel or blanket and undress them, just leaving the diapers. Comfort them with gentle strokes on their body. Do not use oil until your baby is at least one month old. Using oil might damage their sensitive skin and disrupt the natural moisture it produces.

If your baby fuzzes during the massage, you can try skin-to-skin cuddling. Lay them down on your chest while stroking their back. Hearing your heartbeat can help calm down your baby, just like when they were in your womb. Cuddling is a great way to strengthen your bond with your baby.

Parents play a big role in encouraging their child’s development. Simple games and bonding time serve as a learning and developmental activities for babies under six months. This baby developmental chart is a good reference too.

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