What is postnatal care

postnatal care - newborn baby

What is postnatal care? Why is it so important? I would like to share some experience and knowledge here in this post, every women will be benefited as the new journey become a mother shall begin. In Chinese tradition, confinement is one of the most important period for women after labor. Some elderly people said … Read more What is postnatal care

Is breastfeeding better than formula (my choice)

Breastfeeding mom

Every new expectant or new mom will eventually face a common issue – to go for breastfeeding or formula feeding when the child is born. There is no right or wrong feeding method. Not every mom is able to breastfeed her child, for some reasons, formula is the best alternative. I am both breastfeeding and … Read more Is breastfeeding better than formula (my choice)

Online job for stay home moms (my story)

online job for stay home mom

What a stay home mom can do to make a living? Well, there is many other options but I finally I asked myself how about making money online? The next thing that come across my mind is HOW? How to start, where to find all the resources I want, what kind of business I can … Read more Online job for stay home moms (my story)