Lactose intolerance symptoms in babies

Lactose intolerance symptoms in babies

Lactose intolerance is neither a kind of disease nor an allergy syndromes, it is rather a sensitivity to dairy products we consume which contain lactose, exists in our food as natural sugar. Lactose intolerance in babies means the babies are unable to digest lactose in breast milk or dairy products due to insufficient or no … Read more

Symptoms for milk allergy

I will be sharing some insight about the cow’s milk protein allergy, the symptoms of cow’s milk protein allergy and ways to prevent it. I hope you will find this article useful. Cow’s milk protein allergy is one of the most common food allergy happened in babies. It is confirmed that 5-15% of baby are … Read more

What is best sleeping position?

what is the best sleeping position

What is the best sleeping position for babies? Sleeping is so important and it is crucial for their growth and development. I will be sharing with you in this article about 3 sleeping positions for babies,  their pros and cons will be analyzed too. I hope this article is insightful to you to make wise … Read more

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