Baby Sleeping Advice

baby sleeping advice

Getting baby to learn how to sleep is a common problem faced by many new parents. If baby can’t sleep well, you and your partner also will have a hard time getting enough quality sleep too. I am sharing an article about baby sleeping advice, to help the new parents understand and learn strategies to … Read more

Baby Monthly Milestones

baby monthly milestones

The most exciting year for us parents is to witness our baby’s first year’s growth and development. Every month can be filled with first times and surprises! Baby monthly milestones is written with the intention to give new parents a quick view on their development progress in terms of communication skills, social and emotional development, … Read more

3 year old Developmental Milestones

3 year old developmental milestones

Developmental milestones is a progress or stages where babies learn to do more complex things when they grow older. Developmental milestones is more about learning skills than physical growth (in size). As my daughter is turning 4 in 2021, I guess, it is good to share my 3 year old developmental milestones with you. Every … Read more

Life on a farm

Life on a farm

Raising children on a farm has been one of my life-long dreams. I can imagine them being surrounded by animals, learning how to care about nature, and running in the wild. For those who are planning to move from city to a farm, “life on a farm” is written just for you. With the pandemic, … Read more

Emotional needs of a baby

emotional needs of a baby

Understanding emotional needs of a baby is important especially when the children are 1-3 years old. They are unable to communicate clearly with parents or caregivers about what they want or need. Let’s us imagine, if you are in your baby’s shoes, and you want something which other people may not understand what you want, … Read more

Baby developmental toys

Baby developmental toys

Play is an important part of our baby’s life as he/she learns through play. Baby developmental toys can be useful to help your child with the physical and cognitive development. There are many toys in the market which come with different colors, shape and functions. Which type of toys are baby developmental toys which will … Read more

How to potty train a toddler?

How to potty train a toddler?

When is the right time to potty train your toddler? How to potty train a toddler? To be honest, there is no absolute right time same for every toddler, just watch out for sign of readiness to be potty trained. Do not compete with other babies, just follow your baby’s sign of readiness. One day … Read more

Kids pretend play

kids pretend play

If you spend a little more time to observe your toddler during the kids pretend play, you will witness something amazing you will never knew your child able to do it their own way. Parents shall give opportunity to introduce pretend play when your child has reached his/her toddler stage. Every child wakes up in … Read more

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