Gerber Organic Baby Food Review

Gerber organic baby food review

Most babies are ready for solid food after six months old, depending on your child’s development. One of the most established and reputable jar foods is Gerber. We’ve all used it more than once for our babies. After research about baby food, we’ve come up with a Gerber Organic Baby Food Review. Homemade food is … Read more

Microplastics in milk bottles

Microplastics in milk bottles

Do you know that scientists have found evidence that humans inhale, eat and drink microplastics every year? And these microplastics are also found in our baby’s feeding bottles! Are microplastics from milk bottles, a health threat to our babies? Just doing a little extra work, will keep your baby away from the exposure. Read on … Read more

Gripe water for newborns, is it safe for babies?

Gripe water for newborns

Gripe water for newborns, is it safe for babies? Since decades ago, our parent used to give us gripe water when we were very young but comes to the question of why infants were given gripe water by our parents or even grandparents? According to our parents, it is useful to help ease the digestive … Read more

Breastfeeding And Jaundice

Breastfeeding and Jaundice

Breastfeeding and Jaundice. Is there a connection between breastfeeding and jaundice? Jaundice is a common condition that causes yellowish in a baby’s skin and eyes. About 60% of full-term and healthy newborns and 80% of preterm babies get jaundice within the first or second week after they were born. According to a study, infants who … Read more

Covid-19 Vaccine is Safe for Children Aged 5-11?

Covid-19 Vaccine is Safe for Children Aged 5-11

Covid-19 Vaccine is Safe for Children Aged 5-11? Recently, many countries have approved the use of CoronaVac Suspension for Injection Covid-19 Vaccine, Inactivated produced by Sinovac Life Sciences Co. Ltd., China for children aged 5-11. Besides China, countries such as Chile, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Turkey have approved the use of … Read more

Social media effects on children

Social media effects on children

It is important to create awareness about social media’s effects on children. As technology continues to advance, our kids nowadays, become more and more exposed to modern media. Is that a bad thing? Kids nowadays are very dependent on modern gadgets such as tablets, computers, notebooks, smartphones, smart TV as learning and communication tools even … Read more