Birthday gifts for a mom

I am sharing here in this article about birthday gifts for a mom which i hope you will find it useful.

Mother is the most special someone in our life whom I think is somehow hard to describe how great she is but only can be felt by heart. A great gift during her birthday is essential to show how much you love her and show your appreciation that she brings you to this world. Without her, you or me does not exist anyway. Let me shares about 5 birthday gifts ideas for a mom which I think can be yours too.

Birthday gifts for a mom

1. Skincare and body care products

Regardless how old your mom is, skincare and body care products are the common products can be found in her room and her handbag.

I cannot suggest one by one as there are so many products in the market which is targeting at different age group, type of skin and kind of treatment purposes. I let you guys decide as you know your mom best. Choose the kind of skincare and body care which can make her look younger and more radiant.

After my daughter was born, I was busy taking care of little baby. It was indeed an exhausting job and due to lack of rest, my body has totally changed. Obviously my face and body shape were not been the same as before. I was introduced by a friend of mine to help me recover my look particularly. She suggested to start with cleansing first. I agreed on her that without proper cleaning, whatever skincare that you apply is not serving the purpose.

I find a beauty gadget called Ageloc lumiSpa is pretty useful. I experience it myself and it really better than hand cleaning. It provides more thorough cleaning and you will get less breakout. This powerful beauty gadget is able to remove make up, get rids of dead skin cell and regenerate collagen, make you look brighter and more radiant. It is a good choice of gift for moms like me.


Most moms love to cook and bake. It is one of the way to show her love to her family, relatives and good friends. For working moms especially they need a cookware that is easy to use and also it can help to shorten the cooking time. A good cookware will be a good choice of a birthday gift. Don’t u think is wonderful choice of gift for mom to have a good kitchen helper – one good cooker to save her time, energy and easy to clean.

One of the good cooker is a thermal cooker. It takes few hours to cook pork knuckles, lamb or beef curries, black bean soup, black chicken herbal soup and so on. With thermal cooker, just boil about 20 -30 minutes on the stove and leave it inside the thermal pot for continue cooking. We can prepare the food in the morning, and it is ready to be served after work or after picking up kids from school. It is suitable for working mothers. That’s simple.

Able to produce a good healthy meal for family is all the moms’ important task every day. I am sure she will be delighted to see it.

3.Jewelry and luxurious products

Depending very much on the kind of budget that you have. A nice earring, watch, pendant or brooch is a good gift idea. Yes, it is true that jewelries are precious and can make most women smile when they accept that kind of birthday surprise but to more elderly group, materialism is no more that important.

Digital gadgets such as hand phone, new laptop or digital tablet is also ideal. My mom is in her early 70s. She has not been using any digital gadget before. Few years back, she got an IPad as well as a smart phone and started to learn how to use them. Even though, It was not a gift for her but what I am trying to say is once she has taught how to use them, these gadgets become her companion (especially after my father had passed away and she becomes lonely) and keep her entertained. Does it sound more practical than jewelries in this case?

4.Hobbies related products

Depending on what your mom’s favourite hobbies. Some moms love to do gardening, reading, doing workouts, cooking, sewing, drawing, doing calligraphy and so on. Sometimes a nice pen will be a good gift if she will use it for writing and signing check.

Cleaning may not be a type of hobbies but more like a routine task to do every day. A good cleaning tool such as multi purposes vacuum cleaner, sound good to you? What is important is she will find it easy to operate and able to do vacuum cleaning and floor washing in one machine. Due to busy schedule, what a mom want is a good cleaning tool that is able to save her time and energy.

5.Nice dinner treat

A nice dinner treat may sound a perfect gift to moms as it is quite commonly used as a gift. Let moms have a day off, no cooking, no dirty dishes and no messy table and oily kitchen. Just have to dress up nicely and enjoy the happy moment with the family.


In facts, there are many other birthday gifts for  a mom. Sometimes, an action to show your love to your mom means everything to her. A kiss, a hug and a thank you note will make your mom smile the whole day. Those actions are priceless and she will be more than happy to receive it everyday (not once a year).

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  1. I was thinking what to get my mum for her birthday and you’ve given me some interesting ideas. I love the Lumi spa sounds a wonderful idea, as my mum loves taking care of her skin. The thermal cooker also sounds great as my mum loves cooking, and this would make her life so much easier.


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