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Previously i have shared an article about How to potty train a toddler to give …

Best potty training seat

Previously i have shared an article about How to potty train a toddler to give you a brief idea on successful potty training.

It sounds wonderful if your child is willing to try on adult toilet which you will have less clean up. Adult toilet is way too big for their little bottom to sit comfortably and safely. Therefore, a nice and decent potty training seat will be a good option to let your toddlers do their little business like mommy and daddy do.

Because of the height of the adult toilet seat, you may need to get ready a kid’s step stool. If you are keen on buying a potty seat for your child, here is the article for you.

Potty training seat

Potty training seat is very important part in potty training. A good potty that your child sit on willingly and comfortably doing his/her business has make your potty training successful by 70%. Another 30% will be depending on his/her ability to tell and control his/her bladder to avoid any accident.

Some children is able to get fully potty trained as early as 2 years old. Some children will not be ready to be trained until they are 3-4 years old. Do not rush and do not compare your child with others. They will be eventually get potty trained, sooner or later.

A good potty training seat is essential as they may be fearful of adult toilet because it is way too big for their little bottom to sit on comfortably and safely. Do not immediately place them onto the adult toilet. They may get scared of falling off and will make potty training process harder.

Get a cute little potty and get your child to sit on is important process. Let’s us look at what are the best potty training seats from the Amazon.com which will bring you success in potty training.

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Best real life potty

This real life potty is designed to prepare your child in transition to an adult toilet. It is a small version of adult toilet which also has feature like flushing button with a real flushing sound, a wide storage for wipes or tissues and a build-in splash guard for girls and boys. (Trust me, girls also need a splash guard to prevent spills before they learn to lean forward and aim downwards.) Seamless design makes easy cleaning and sanitizing.

  1. Skip Hop Potty Training Toilet
  • The realistic design looks and feels like an adult toilet
  • Size in inches: 14.5 (length) x9 (Width) x10 (height)
  • Floor to seat: 6 inches
  • seamless design, wipeable surfaces and a removable bowl for easy clean up.
  • Push on the button at the top for real flush sound

2. Summer M Size potty -train & transition

  • The design is realistic, suitable for potty training and a good transition toilet to real one.
  • This one has got a removable soft foam potty topper can be placed on the adult toilet. Also, it includes storage hook which you can easily hang the potty topper on the adult toilet when not in use.
  • Features include realistic design and flush sound, soft foam potty topper with storage hook, full-size wipe compartment, removable bowl, and integrated splash guard.
  • Maximum child’s weight : 50 pounds (~23kg)

The downside for this kind of potty maybe too small for certain kids and the splash guard may not be useful as there is not enough space for the kids to lean forward and aim downwards. They end up causing mess on the floor.

Demo video: Summer M size potty -train & transition

This little potty is suitable for babies who are prepared for potty training. When they are ready, shall switch them to adult toilet with potty seat. Here are some good ones at Amazon.com.

Best removable potty seat

This is a removable potty seat which is placed on top of the adult toilet seat. It is made of BPA free plastic and it has got adjustable dial that gives secure fit on most toilets. You just need to adjust once to fit your toilet size.

It is light weight and your toddler can lift it up and place it onto the toilet without assistance. You need a kid’s step stool to help your child climb up and sit on it. For your child safety, it is better for you to help your toddler to climb up and down from the toilet every time.

You probably need a hook or a handle so that you can hang the little potty seat on the wall or the side of the toilet.

This product has a inbuilt, inward facing splash guard to prevent spills and ergonomic design help your child to sit comfortably and correctly.

BabyBjorn toilet trainer

  • Ergonomic design which helps your child sit comfortably and safely.
  • Come with adjustable knob to fit most toilets.
  • Inward facing splash guard to prevent spills.
  • Easy for cleaning.
Demo video: BabyBjorn training seat

Best clutter free potty seat

This is a built-in toddler potty seat which comes in two sizes. Check your toilet bowl size whether it is round or elongated.

This is an ideal potty seat if you want to have a shared toilet with your toddler in a small bathroom. I think you do not wish to place your movable toddler potty seat on the ground!

This potty seat is secured magnetically onto the lid when it is not in used. It is easy to clean and make your bathroom looks organized. It has got slow close feature on the ring and cover which prevent from slamming and pinching little fingers. With the STA-TITE Fastening System, the seat can be fastened securely onto the toilet bowl and does not wiggle.

The toddler potty seat can be removed once your child has grown bigger enough to use adult toilet. It is good for long term use and value for money.

Mayfair 888Slow 000 NextStep2 Toilet seat

  • Basically fits all kind of adult toilet, round or elongated.
  • The toddler potty seat is attached with the adult seat.

To ensure the seat fits properly on your toilet, measure from the front of the toilet to the center of the mounting holes.

Round – 16.5″ or 42cm.

Elongated – 18.5″ or 47cm.

Demo video: Mayfair 888Slow 000 NextStep2 toilet seat

Best travel potty

It is a headache to think about putting your child at the public toilets when hygiene is one of the concern especially during pandemic period. A good travel potty is good to go and you do not have to worry about putting your child on a filthy public toilets. You can place them on a safe travel potty when travel by air or car.

Here are some good ones on Amazon. Let’s take a look.

  1. OXO Tot 2 in 1 travel potty
  • It is design for on-the-go potty
  • Legs can be folded and store easily in a diaper bag, stroller or in a car.
  • It can be used as stand-alone potty chair at home or on public toilets
  • Product dimensions: 11 x 11 x 2.5″

The downside of this travel potty seat maybe too small for some toddlers. Ideal for younger babies especially outside the house. Some parents found that when it is placed on adult toilet, there are gaps between the potty and actual adult toilet seat, can be a bit daunting for boys as need to frequent clean up the spills. This product may not work well as toilet seat than on the ground.

It is one of good travel potty as it can be placed flat, easy for on-the-go with a travel bag. You can insert a disposable plastic bag and dispose it after use. Ideal for outdoor or when in emergency.

Demo video: OXO Tot travel potty

If you are looking for travel potty for bigger size toddler, it is suitable for babies who are up to 45 pounds (~20kg). This product can be folded and carried around in a travel bag when you are in a plane or at shopping malls, movie theater etc. This travel potty seat stays sturdy with 8 suction cup underneath and a pry bar is included to peel off the seat without touching the toilet.

2. Homsis travel potty seat

  • This potty seat for toddler fits most standard and public toilets securely.
  • Include non-contact opening pry bar allow parents to peel off the potty seats without touching public toilet.
  • Easy to clean, just a simple wipe with a wet cloth or flush it with water
  • It is small, lightweight, can be folded and includes a FREE travel bag that makes it easy to take around.
  • It is made of safe, non-toxic and odorless Polypropylene material. 100% BPA free.


Product featuresSkip HopSummer M sizeBaby BjornMayfairOxo Tot 2Homsis
For potty training4.
Easy to clean4.
The above rating is based on 1-5 star. (1 is the lowest rating and 5 is the best). The rating is derived based on customer review.

I hope i give enough information about the best training potty seats for your children. The above products that i pick comes with intention to help you to pick the right one that suits your need.

Happy reading.

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