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Your one-year-old is in entering the toddler phase. That means they are getting more curious …

Best Learning Toys for 1 Year Old

Your one-year-old is in entering the toddler phase. That means they are getting more curious about their environment, and your job is to encourage and motivate their natural curiosity. One of the best ways to surround them with the best learning toys for 1 year old that move and make noises; something that would mimic the world around them.

One of them is a walker that would encourage your child to keep moving. Toys, such as dolls, vehicles, playsets, would teach them about the world around them. Take note that they are getting more capable of creative thinking at this age, so get ready to play a part during playtime. Yes, this includes making car sounds or role-playing with dolls.

Best learning toys for 1 year old

This is your chance to stimulate their senses and encourage their imagination, which helps in their development physically, mentally, and emotionally. Check out these qualities next time you look for toys to buy:

Best learning toys for 1 year old

Toys that make them move

To encourage mobility, they need toys that they can push and pull. Soon enough, they’ll be able to walk, so your baby would need any chance to practice as possible. These toys must promote balance and coordination as they take one step at a time.

Ancaixin Baby Balance Bikes for 10 – 36 months old. This baby balance bike is stable and easy to get on/ off to. The handles are made from soft, BPA-free, non-slip EVA foam, which provides a comfortable grip for your little one. Plus, it only takes five minutes to assemble the mini-bike.

Radio Flyer Classic Wagon Walker Why not get them this cute wagon walker for your baby who wants to hold things and move them around the room? It allows them to practice their walking skills and their independence too!

Toys that encourage sharing

Babies at this age can’t really play together yet. What they usually do is “parallel play” or playing next to another toddler. This is the earliest stage of social development so it will be great to pick a toy they can share. VTech Magic Star Learning Table This activity table is filled with six fun activities, so your child can easily play next to another baby. It has easy-removable legs so it can be played on the floor too. With the light-up music button and pretend baby phone, they’ll surely have a lot of fun!

Bright-colored toys

Children are more likely to learn from a bright blue house or a set of rainbows stacking cups. As their vision develops, it is important to strengthen their basic color recognition skills. Choose vibrant-colored toys that can help them distinguish colors better. Manhattan Toy Skwish Color Burst Rattle and Teether Grasping Activity Toy This baby wooden rattle is surprisingly lightweight, making it easy for babies to grasp. It comes with vibrant-colored beads that produce pleasing rattle sounds as they slide it back and forth.

Toys that boost coordination

  • Music Piano Keyboard Dance Floor This mat can play up to eight unique instrumental sounds from the piano, violin, to guitar. It is also a portable crawling mat, so you can bring it outdoors and play together with your baby. Because the music will play upon touching and stepping on it, it improves their sense of touch, sight, and hearing coordinate with their movements.

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Knob Puzzles – Shapes and Farm Animals With bright colors and sweet illustrations, your one-year-old would surely love this puzzle. It will encourage their hand-eye coordination as well as visual perception skills. The company is founded by parents of six with the mission to ignite the imagination. They definitely know what they’re talking about!

Toys that play music

Music plays a vital role in your child’s development, and having music in their surroundings allows natural learning. It can be silly songs that can lead them to giggle with joy or the repetitive rhymes that can help your child be exposed to vocabulary.  

Check out awesome 3 in 1 Toddler Musical Instruments here for your little ones.

Picture Books

As a parent, you’d want to instill the love of reading in your child. Also, they can learn and memorize more words the more you read to them. You can choose different books, from colored pictures, repetitive words to a simple storybook.

Toes, Ears, & Nose! A Lift-the-Flap Book One of the best ways for your babies to discover their toes, ears and nose is through this lift-the-flap book by Marion Dane Bauer and illustrated by Karen Katz! Read it to them as you cuddle up, and remember to name and point at the pictures your baby is looking at or pointing to.

It will be good to surround your child with babies with the same age too. More importantly, avoid letting them getting too tired or hungry as they play and learn new tasks, otherwise be prepared for tantrums.

With these best learning toys for one-year-old, you’ll surely have a lot of fun together!

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