Best foods to eat while pregnant

Keeping a healthy body through a proper diet is essential, most especially during pregnancy. Remember that you are passing everything that you consume to your baby, thus now more than ever, you have to watch out for what you eat.

Nutrients are needed for your baby to thrive inside you, so you have to make sure that you’re meeting the minimum requirements. Here, i am sharing an article about best foods to eat while pregnant to help you to achieve your diet requirement.

Doctors would recommend taking prenatal vitamins, including folic acid, but make sure you are also stocking up on the following nutrients: Calcium, Vitamin D, DHA, Iodine, and Iron.

Best foods to eat while pregnant

The Myth of Eating for Two

You may have heard that you have to eat up for two, now that you’re pregnant. Don’t worry because it isn’t true. You should not be gaining an excessive amount of weight that will often lead to gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.

Eating twice the amount you used to eat is unnecessary, regardless of whether you’re carrying twins or triplets. You might feel a little hungrier than usual, but it does not mean that you got to snack twice. Instead, choose a healthy variety and make sure you’re eating the right amount.

When in doubt, remember that a person needs about 2,000 kcal a day from food and drinks. A little excess of 300 kcal will not harm you nor the baby as well.

What kind of Fruits and Vegetables Should I Eat More while pregnant?

Best foods to eat while pregnant

Sweet Potatoes for Vitamin A, fiber, Vitamin B6

Do you know that a single sweet potato is loaded with all the vitamin A you need in a day? This vegetable is so rich in beta carotene and fiber that it keeps you feel full longer and improves digestive health. Roasting them up and topping them with shredded cheese and avocado will make an excellent breakfast or lunch.

It is a super food for mom-to-be, contain high fiber and lower glycemic index (GI) which is a good source of carbohydrates for women who are gestational diabetes. Look for purple and red sweet potatoes than yellow or white varieties. Purple and red ones have antioxidant called anthocyanin which also helps protect your vision.

Carrot for beta-carotene, fiber and Vitamin C

You can get beta carotene from eating carrots too. They help develop your baby’s skin, eyes, and organs. They act like antioxidant to protect you and baby from infection. They’re also rich in calcium that is necessary for your baby’s bones and teeth.

Leafy Vegetables

Vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, and cabbage, are good sources of folate, iron, and calcium, micronutrients that are all good for the baby. Cook them well and add them to your daily salad, soup, or pasta.


The great thing about avocado is that they’re low in carbohydrates but rich in healthy fats. It regulates sugar in your blood, reducing the risk of heart disease and pregnancy complications.


It is nearly 90% water that makes sure to meet your daily fluid needs. Oranges are packed with Vitamin C which help to protect cell damage and assist in iron (Fe) absorption. Aside from Vitamin C, it is also loaded with folate or Vitamin B to develop the brain and spinal cord.


If you’re struggling with constipation often caused by anxiety, a low-fiber diet, or uterine pressure on the intestines, bananas can help. Plus, the potassium, fiber, and vitamin B6 help with nausea and vomiting during your first trimester.


Now, how about adding blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries into your banana meal? Berries are loaded with carbohydrates that are a lot better than the complex carbohydrates found in donuts and cakes. Berries are known to be good sources of vitamin C and antioxidant which help to boost your immunity too.

The Role of Protein

Best foods to eat while pregnant


Aside from being a cheap source of protein, eggs are loaded with Vitamin D, which helps the calcium build strong bones and teeth for the baby.

Lean Meat

Not getting enough iron daily will make you feel more tired. Thus, eating plenty of food rich in iron. It can be pork, chicken, beef, lamb, or fish. Don’t add oil when cooking the meat, and cook them thoroughly. Two portions of fish each week is enough.


Fish is a good choice of protein, iron and zinc which are crucial for baby’s growth. Oily fish especially salmon, anchovies, herring and sardines are examples of oily fish with lower risk of mercury contamination. They contain high omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids including docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which help to promote baby’s brain development.



You’ll need more calcium to meet your baby’s needs. There were clinical studies that women who drank one cup of milk or less each day gave birth to smaller babies. Low-fat milk is a healthier choice compared to full milk, which contains high amounts of saturated fat.


It contains probiotic bacteria that supports digestive health, plus a great source of calcium too. This is a good alternative if you are lactose intolerant, and there’s a variety of yogurt you can enjoy.

Whole Grains

Best foods to eat while pregnant

Barley, brown rice, buckwheat, whole-wheat bread, and pasta

These are all sources of most vitamins and nutrients, especially fiber. Twenty-eight grams a day is the recommended amount, and that can help with hemorrhoids and constipation.

8 – 10 Glasses of Water a Day

Fill up a big water bottle you can carry with you around. Water plays a crucial role in delivering the nutrients to your body and your baby, and it avoids constipation during pregnancy. Early labor is also another consequence when you don’t get yourself properly hydrated.

There is also a list of foods you do not eat while pregnant, which you can read here.


With this list of best foods to eat while pregnant, you can easily plan your weekly meals and make sure that your baby is growing healthier as your due date comes nearer. Remember to prepare the food safely by washing and cooking them thoroughly to avoid harmful bacteria getting into your body.

Don’t forget to combine healthy meals with daily exercises. Otherwise, you’re good to go, mama!

Please consult your doctor on certain foods that you crave during pregnancy. Eating healthy and implement good healthy lifestyle will ensure your smooth pregnancy and a healthy growing baby.

Share your experience with us about foods you eat during pregnancy and how it affects your pregnancy outcome.

Happy reading!

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