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Jessie Sim @thesimps.com
Welcome to thesimps.com! I am a stay home mother who has a little toddler at home to be taken care of. During my spare time I like to read or google articles regarding parenting, children food recipes, children clothes, educational toys etc. Now this is the website I created to provide a platform to discuss about any issues related to children health, important information or experiences about parenting and children product review.

My life

Hi, My name is Jessie Sim, comes from Land of Borneo, Malaysia. I used to work 8-5 for years and realized that it is not the kind of life I want to live with forever. Couple of years after my daughter was born, I quit my permanent job and become a full time mother. I started to think about home based business online. My intention is to stay connected with people ( even though I stay home) which still enable me to get interaction with people, circulating useful information on children well-being and exchange reviews on children products.


I used to have problem finding solutions for certain things such as example, baby colics’ problem, baby sleeping problem, food recipes and many more. Sometimes it takes times to do it and sometimes we spend unnecessarily to get the solution done. I hope this platform can become a center point for the parent out there to talk freely about any issues they face and finding solutions efficiently.

Thesimps.com website

Therefore, this is a right place to chat about it!!

Being a mother is indeed not an easy task, regardless how old they are, you are going to face all sort of challenges at every stage. It is a long journey and perhaps most of us would like to share their experiences and give advises to those people around us as a guideline to follow. I like to share useful information and I hope my experience will also be benefited to you too.

For those mother-to-be, you can get yourself mentally and physically ready to face similar challenges when the baby is born. So do follow me @thesimps.com, ya!!

My final goal

Parenting is a continuous learning process. Without experiences and knowledge, we will get panic or sometimes get frustrated when we encounter problems with our child. Prevention is of course better than cure.

Here is also a right place to talk about good things for the children. Sometimes, we tend to buy things we do not need or buy at much higher prices. We can compare certain children products right here at thesimps.com website.

All the best,

Jessie Sim


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