4 parenting styles- their effect on social behavior of a child

For me, parenting is always a hard topic to learn and most people have their own personal parenting styles with their successful and unsuccessful stories.

Here in this article,  i am going to share some useful information about 4 parenting styles – their effect on social behavior of a child. I hope this article will bring you some insight when it comes to matter of raising a decent child. I learn about these parenting styles when i have my first child and i do find them useful.

4 Parenting Styles

For new parent, you may want to know what are these 4 parenting styles and how their effect social behavior of your child in future. This is definitely an article for you. For those who are not new to parenthood, it is also good to know where your stand in terms of parenting style.

  1. Authoritarian parenting
  2. Authoritative parenting
  3. Permissive parenting
  4. Uninvolved parenting

These parenting styles will influence your child’s general growth and development and it will shape the type of adult your child will grow up to be.

4 parenting styles their effect on social behavior of a child

Authoritarian parenting style

According to Baumrind, who was a well-known psychologist on her research on parenting style, authoritarian parenting can be defined as “high demandingness with low responsiveness”. In short, this sort of parent is normally acting too harsh and demanding, focusing only gaining child’s obedience to parental demands rather than responding to the demands of the child.

Some parents still practice authoritarian parenting style where punishments are carried out without much questions ask. “Usually abusive parents are authoritarian parents but not all authoritarian parents are abusive”, quoted by Baumrind. Children who are raised in this family, always worry about being dealt with misdeed (no matter it was done on purpose or otherwise).

This kind of parenting style usually related to Asian parents, Chinese for example, one of the ethnic group which has authoritarian parenting history since decades ago . Due to the culture, parental control is emphasized to promote child’s obedience, self discipline and well academic achievement. Strict parental control is believed for certain parents, a way to show “love or care”. But this “love or care” style has to be done moderately, shall not go overboard. Extreme punishment which involve the physical and mental injury will be considered as an abusive parenting and it is not healthy at all.

4 parenting styles their effect on social behavior of a child

Well, some experts say this parenting style will have either positive or negative adolescent outcomes and it is not always giving negative outcome if punishment is done moderately and with the right motive.

The negative side is the children who are brought up this way may have higher chance of having control issues as well as becoming rebels as they grow up. Some study also reveals that children with authoritarian parents will also have negative impact on school performance too.

Authoritative parenting style

Authoritative parenting style is slightly opposite with authoritarian parenting style. Authoritative parenting can be defined as high demandingness and high responsiveness. Another words, authoritative parents are more loving and caring in nature, they allow their children to explore more freely but still place limits on their actions.

4 parenting styles their effect on social behavior of a child

Moderate punishment is given as a result of the misbehavior of the child and usually this type of parents will explain the reason why such behavior is inappropriate and shall not be repeated. The main aim for this type of parenting is to provide guidance needed to grow up into responsible, independent and mature adults.

Usually children who are brought up by an authoritative parenting household are allowed to express their feeling or opinions fairly and more inclined to reach out to their parents for advise if they encounter issues which they cannot handle.

This is ultimately one of  the biggest aims in parenthood, for a child who are comfortably turn their parents for help or guidance. These children will be unlikely to be involved in social issues and other bad behavior.

Permissive parenting style

Permissive parenting can be defined as high responsiveness but not demanding. Another word to describe this kind of parents is non directive or lenient. Permissive parent usually very responsive to their children and allow their children to make their own decisions. They act like their friends more than a parental role. They would give anything they want as long as their children are happy.

This parenting style sounds good for the children because they get whatever they want and they can ask for anything usually parents will give it to them.  Little to no rules and restrictions.

Permissive parenting style will likely lead to raising a child who is childish, immature, lack of self discipline, lack of impulse control and were irresponsible. Children who are brought up in this parenting household will assume the world will always bend to their favor and they may run into issues when they expect too much from others.

Permissive parent normally is not an authority figure, the children end up losing respect to their parent as no point asking permission or help.

Uninvolved parenting style

Uninvolved parenting style is defined as non responsive and not demanding. Basically, uninvolved parents are those who carry little to no parental attention to their children. It is common to those family who are busy with work and have to stay away from their children due to work commitment.

4 parenting styles their effect on social behavior of a child

Children who are brought up in this household usually has low self-esteem and perform poorly in school.

Do you know that parental involvement is important in child academic success and help shaping good personality? Parents are the children’s best role model. Lack of involvement means lack of parental love, care, encouragement and guidance. This will also lead to less self confident in social interaction with others.

What is the best practices?

Well there is no right formula in terms of best parenting style. Some experts said that authoritative parenting style brings up good kids and some authoritarian parents does have positive indulgence effect in shaping the child with good self discipline and they are responsible. One thing for sure, too lenient, too strict or no involvement are definitely will have negative impact on social behavior of the child.

Let’s share your opinion or experience in the message box below. I think a lot of you have many success stories to share with us in this platform.

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