About NASOM – The National Autism Society of Malaysia

Donation drive to Nasom - The National Autism Society Of Malaysia

NASOM – The National Autism Society of Malaysia Nasom was established back in 1987, as non-profitable charitable organization to provide support services to help our autism children and immediate families who are living in Malaysia. I would like to take this opportunity to instill awareness of autism, the role and importance of NASOM in Malaysia … Read more About NASOM – The National Autism Society of Malaysia

Steam Vaporiser – product review

Euky bear Steam Vaporiser

Steam Vaporiser from Euky Bear Hi there, to all the mommies out there! I would like to share a product review with all of you as I find this product very useful and I will show you the details and how it benefits you. The product is called Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser. Product Information Product … Read more Steam Vaporiser – product review

What is postnatal care

postnatal care - newborn baby

What is postnatal care? Why is it so important? I would like to share some experience and knowledge here in this post, every women will be benefited as the new journey become a mother shall begin. In Chinese tradition, confinement is one of the most important period for women after labor. Some elderly people said … Read more What is postnatal care